June Blooms in the Country Mouse Garden

I so agree with my co-mouse in her marvelous June Blooms post: long cool spring this year has resulted in lots of late blooming, and with temps warming to the 70s, I'm in heaven. Here's what's blooming around here, mostly garden, some down in the chaparral, like the first image of wild monkeyflower. (Please forgive the slapdash arrangement and labelling - squeezing this in before work today!):

And here is some wild Western Morning Glory, draped over toyon:

In the garden that weird succulent Town Mouse gave me:

This is interesting - Ellen Holmes, botanist, IDed a small annual grass on our property as Vulpia octoflora - so I grew some from seed, and here it is. It's quite pretty. I'm not sure what will happen when all these seeds grow, though! It's experimental gardening here! -

Tried and true, Verbena lilacina, "De la Mina" - in its first year:

Ah, spice bush!:

Masses of seep monkeyflower! grown from wild-gathered seed:

Masses of Encelia californica, scarlet bugler, and some ithuriel's spear in the foreground. This is from a couple weeks ago, and the scarlet bugler is not blooming so profusely today.

I call this my Saxon Holt shot! A native bunch grass, Nasella cernua, backlit, with Ithuriel's Spear and Allium unifolium nearby.

Non-native hotlips salvia - reliable, totally drought tolerant, feeds hummingbirds and bees:

My rose.

Close up of Ithuriel's spear, triteleia laxa:

More of same. Readers of this space may remember the "bulb ravioli" - it was a great success! The bulbs planted in a pillow of gopher netting all thrived. What I did wrong was not to ensure a better background for the flowers, on the ground I mean - the rough mulch is too distracting.

A variable checkerspot on one of the blossoms:

Closeup of grown-from-wild-seed monkeyflower:

California poppy, from nursery seed, and a resprouting non native shrub that I took out last year - I'll let it grow, because hummingbirds love it.

On "hummingbird hill" I'm experimenting with all sorts of penstemons - Penstemon red riding hood below:

Penstemon gloxinoides "midnight blue":

Penstemon etonii var etonii (I think I have the name right):

Caught a shot of a little grass hopper type critter on a monkeyflower:

Ah, the matilija poppies are blooming!

Some of the Madia elegans that actually turned out to BE Madia elegans!

Tiny lupines, annuals, locally native - Lupinus bicolor:

Mystery local wild lupine grown from seed - blue variant of Lupinus arboreus? They are thriving!

Wild black sage in the lower chaparral:

This shows that hybridization occurs - this was supposed to be local wild monkeyflower but it must have interbred with a nursery one of deeper color I had here last year:

Non native honeysuckle. Our native ones are coming in to bloom nearby.

Ah golden yarrow - I love that chrome yellow.

"Front garden" flowers - seaside daisy, hummingbird sage, seep monkeyflower:

The last of the flannelbush blossoms:

Dudleya caespitosa - starting to bloom. It's had a lot of little aphids, and ants farming them.

Deerweed on the chaparral - wild. I am so happy that the cleared areas are filling in with natives - last year's weeding really helped!

My other rose:
I totally can't bring to mind what kind of clarkia this is!

The darned calla lilies are lovely. I still have the concentrated roundup on hand to do em in. They are very invasive and hard to eradicate - unfortunately.

Allium unifolium - I think:

The view this morning:

That's all folks! Now off to Carol at May Dreams Gardens to register my blooms. I look forward to seeing everyone else's later on today after work!


Terra said…
I enjoyed your garden tour, and you grow a few of my favorites, like penstemon and salvias. And I say Amen to your joy in 70 degree weather which we are having.
I'm really hoping to have such a swath of Encelia by next year...if the beetles stop gnawing the ones I have this year. Our spicebush plants aren't quite blooming yet, but hopefully soon, although our deerweed is just starting to reveal its tiny yellow flowers. Overall though, you have much more blooming than we do at the moment.
Lovely! All of your blooms are so delicate and pretty. It is so nice to have a respite from the heat, isn't it? I don't look forward to the heat as it may return next week.