June Blooms in the Town Mouse Garden

The cool spring has extended the bloom period of the California native plants in my garden and everything is awash with color and abuzz with happy bees and butterflies. Above, a view of the front garden with Salvia melliflera (black sage) in the front, a row of Festuca californica in the background, a flower stalk of Salvia apiana (white sage to the right. and Triteleia Queen Fabiola in the very foreground (enlarge to see that). And in the center, we have...

Yes, blooming once again to the delight of humans and critters alike we have Trichestoma lanatum (Wolly blue curl). 

I planted 3 at the edge of the stream bed and they appreciate the drainage and benign neglect. Now, let's go on to the back.

Above a view of the Mediterranean (now almost completely CA native) mound from the breakfast table. In the background, we have Salvia clevlandii (I wish you could smell the fragrance). Lovely in the morning light.

This is 'Alan Chickering' and seems to tolerate my clay soil better than Winifred Gillman. Here the same plant from the side with a Salvia gregii cultivar (not native) in the foreground. 

Close to that, the star of the garden, a Calochortus (Mariposa lilly) that I've grown in a pot (requires sharp drainage).

Not far from that, in the shade of the plum tree, two Mimulus cultivars are still holding their own. 'Eleanor' is doing well after a slow start.

Here a wider view of Eleanor, together with the last blossoms of the native columbine. I like how the monkey flowers drape over the rock wall that used to be the pool surround. 

 And her a much more orange cultivar I bought many years ago that still blooms abundantly in the spring.

Also in the shade near the redwoods, Mimulus puniceus (southern red monkey flower) has been blooming abundantly for months. I ordered 3 more from Annie's last fall and I'm happy to report they're all doing well and blooming.

Back in the flat part of the CA native mound in a little more sun I'm delighted that Asclepias speciosa, a butterfly weed I've seen growing wild in the Sierras, is finally putting out lovely blooms after 3 years.

And now, let's go back to the breakfast table for another cup of tea to look out over the June garden and enjoy a peaceful moment before the world rushes in again.

And for a second break, we can all go visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens where everybody is gathering to see what's blooming in other gardens around the country and the world.  


Larry said…
It's been a fun time exploring your plant world, so different from mine... thanks for sharing so many interesting plants and blooms! Larry
Anonymous said…
What beautiful plants you have! I so envy you the woolly blue curls, but I know it would be futile for me to try to grow them here.
Diane said…
Lots of lovely colour going on in your garden!
greggo said…
Unique indeed. Love all the vertical blooms.
scottweberpdx said…
Your garden is so lovely...that Trichestoma lanatum is amazing, I've never heard of them before, but I love them!
Everything was so nice and the wooly blue curls, I'm not familiar with that but I'm planning on being familiar with it........:) Thanks for inviting me in to your garden.