Earth Day Blooms in our (Mostly) Native Gardens!

A mature clump of Iris fernaldii (Country Mouse Garden)

A little late I know. But better late than not at all. I recently took photos at our respective gardens. I hope you'll enjoy these garden views (which I tend not to do so much) and flower close-ups.

Town Mouse Garden in April

Note: taken in the evening, which limited my options some...

Red fruit of pajaro manzanita, with foothill penstemon in background

Ceanothus `Tilden Park` with some monkeyflower in foreground

Foothill penstemon in evening light

Calfornia fescue

Prettyface (Triteleia Ixioides Starlight) - planted a few years ago and spreading

Happy bumble bee getting pollen from Tansy-leaved Phacelia

Garden in evening light: Poppies, autumn sage, and California fescue

Chinese houses, just starting to bloom

Dry streambed with different coral bells and succulents

Checkerbloom in front of bird bath

Country Mouse Garden in April

Mostly native chaparral on the left of the path: Artemisia californica in the back, Baccharis pillularis darker in the foreground, and non-native succulents on the right, greenhouse in and shade house in upper right of photo.

Deer grass, Muhlenbergia rigens, spiky in bottom right (not locally native but native nearby). Feathery needle grasses to the left - Stipa cernua. Wild chaparral lapping up the slope to the edge of the flat area, showing Arctostaphylos crustacea, brittle leaf manzanita, and Salvia mellifera, black sage.

An assortment of things in pots. And boots!

The succulent is a kind of native Dudleya and I think it is a cross - purchased at a sale. Probably local Viola adunca, western dog violet, in the middle, and fringe cups on the right, Tellima grandiflora - not yet blooming - on the right. 

Coastal wood fern, Dryopteris arguta, foreground, and probably Heuchera maxima, island alum root, behind.

Garden stairs with on the left a small local Dudleya, Dudleya lanceolata.

Pentagramma triangularis, goldback fern, growing wild.

Monkey flower, Mimulus aurantiacus, not blooming much yet, on the left, and sage brush, Artemisia californica, on the right

Paintbrush, Castilleja affinis. Locally wild, these are in a flower pot with companion plants.

Pellaea andromedifolia, coffee fern.

Western columbine, Aquilegia formosa. It's really flourishing on my north-east slope.

Coastal bush lupine (lavender form), Lupinus arboreus

Thanks -- hope you enjoyed the show!


Diana Studer said…
Both gardens are looking good.
Brent Morgan said…
That was a nice tour through the gardens.