Second Flush of Spring

Clarkia in April
The rain this winter - just average, but coming at the rain time - has done the garden good. And the annuals, looking promising in March, are now starting to deliver. Elegant clarkia, in hot pink, salmon, white, and every shade in between is one of the eye-catching plants right now.

Clarkia, one-leaf onion, and Ceanothus 'Tuxedo'
Here, a photo in front of the bamboo screen, standing out among some one-leaf onion, the first of the Codyledon, and Ceanothus 'Tuxedo' in the background.

And finally, together with some star-of-persia along the garden path. 

The second annual that's still going strong is Chinese houses. Beloved by all during the garden tour (kids loved the little pagodas), that display has gotten much better now. Below, we see it three weeks ago.

Chinese houses and iris
And now, it's peaking. Notice the red monkey flower in the background (and the new trellis, which probably deserves a separate post). 

Several of the perennials are also going strong in April. Here are more monkey flowers, and some stream orchid in the foreground. This native orchid is ridiculously easy to transplant. I started with two small orchids, gifted by a gardener friend. Now I have them in several places in the garden. They go completely dormant in late summer and appear again in early spring. Prefer part shade, as do the ferns and monkey flower that I'm growing with them. 

Stream orchid and monkey flower

Here another view of the monkey flower, a purchase from Gold Rush Nursery a few years ago. 

I'm also very happy about the show of penstemons in the garden this year - below the blue foothill penstemon together with the checkerbloom mallow and one-leaf onion. 

Foothill penstemon and mallow
But I'm leaving the best for last: This year, finally, after I'd almost given up hope, my beautiful, fragrant Western azelea is blooming in earnest. Yes, this plant takes a while, but it's so worth it. Nothing like enjoying the white blossoms in the evening with a cup of tea. 

Western azalea with canyon sunflower in the background


Country Mouse said…
Wow! I thought it was spectacular last time I visited your garden - and yes, these rains are fantastic! Thanks for your lovely post - a pleasure for the eyes!
Casa Mariposa said…
Beautiful!! I love how lush it is. :o)
Diana Studer said…
that stream orchid is attractive.
Similar in shape to a tiny Cymbidium? Or our disas?