Joyful June in Country Mouse Garden - with Clarkia rubicunda!

Clarkia rubicunda - Ruby Chalice Clarkia (locally wild)

Please join me in a pictorial wander through my garden. As you will see Clarkia rubicunda is the plant of the month! I'll gather seed this year - should get about a pound - and will restrain them next year - hoping to sprinkle those lovely blossoms throughout the garden and not let them overwhelm the pool garden, where the deer and the rabbits can't roam! But - I'm not complaining!

Let's relax a while with the monkeyflower draped over the chair

The astonishing profusion of deer weed

butterflies everywhere!

On the coyote mint too...

Lovely lovely

What berries we're having this year on the manzanita!

Huh! One lone California fuchsia blossom! A bit early there, mate!

Did I mention Clarkia rubicunda?

The clarkia does look lovely with the sage

Winifred Gilman sage

Bees and buzzing in the goldenrod

Beds developing in the north garden. Rushes rocketing up wonderfully

Is that a morel?? Dried up one? I found it while weeding.

Oh the Matilija poppy!

Wonderful misty mornings in June!

Patio dining - with a bat tucked inside the shade umbrella! What a surprise!

Time to harvest seeds - Aquilegia formosa - Western colombine..

And Fernald's iris

Eriogonum rubicunda mixed in with clarkia

Poppies, sunflowers - and clarkia

Camissonia (yellow annual) popped up this year after long absence - under non-native sage.

Toyon blooming abundantly

Heartleaf penstemon doing its end-of-stem firework display - with Clarkia

And lest we forget -- more Clarkia rubicunda!!


Diana Studer said…
what a satisfying display of colour. I think of you and yours as my Californian poppies spread and grow. Are they annuals or perennials for you?
Country Mouse said…
Diana, I don't have locally native poppies where I live - only six miles away on the coast, we have the coastal kind - smaller, more yellow with orange towards the center. The ones in my garden behave like annuals. Some of them survive another year but they don't look good. Maybe the fog isn't good for them? Thanks for coming by!
Town Mouse said…
That's a most amazing profusion of color! Clearly those later rain made all the difference. So glad you're enjoying your summer garden; wish I were there...
Diana Studer said…
then the advice to let the poppies set seed, then pull up the plants, would work.
Country Mouse said…
Yes, I agree - set seed, and pull old plants works well.