Seabright Ecosystem Restoration

The ecological restoration at Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz

Till I got overcommitted to too much volunteering, I helped out with the Westcliff Ecological Restoration group (WCER), whose mission it is to replace the smothering blanket of highway ice plant (Carpobrotus edulis) with the local native plants that should be growing along coastal cliffs and beaches in Santa Cruz.

Invasive highway ice plant (Carpobrotus edulis)

I wish I could clone myself and rejoin WCER's efforts!

I happened to be walking along by Seabright Beach a couple days ago and was totally blown away by the vigor of the restoration area - and its lack of weeds. Someone is tending this restoration very lovingly, and I think it's a community group of folks living in the Seabright area.

It takes skill and oomph and the ability to get out a corps of volunteers to kick off a restoration effort. WCER is an enthusiastic group and does a great job at recruiting volunteers old and young.

Nice signage by a young volunteer!

But without ongoing community involvement, the weeds move in and soon people tramp over it, not realizing this is anything special. It's so disappointing to see the results when that happens.

That's why this project is so very heartening. Nobody has trashed this effort. Even the new beach grasses recently planted are all standing tall and healthy. (I don't know what species.)

One man was peacefully sleeping on a soft bed of coastal sagewort, but I don't think you could blame him.


Diana Studer said…
I don't see our iceplant growing with quite that exuberant amount of joyful enthusiasm. But here I guess it is competing for space with other happy plants.
Town Mouse said…
Oh, very cool! That's so encouraging to see something work out like that!
ryan said…
Looks great. Kudos to whoever is maintaining it.