Workshop: A Native Garden Tour - How Your Chapter Can Succeed

Readers, I'm sure you've enjoyed the reports about the Going Native Garden Tour in the Santa Clara Valley. So, I'm excited to tell you that you can attend a workshop about putting on a garden tour at next year's CNPS Conservation Conference. This is a pre-conference workshop, it is scheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday, January 13.

Here's a description:
Garden tours are excellent for outreach - they spread the word about native plants, instill a sense of pride in owners of native gardens, and offer educational opportunity. Several members of the Going Native Garden Tour steering committee will present this workshop and teach you about garden selection, volunteer coordination, website development, publicity, budgeting and partnering with other organizations for monetary and in-kind support. We will teach you about potential pitfalls, the money side of garden tours, and how to keep visitors coming back year after year. Small group discussions for attendees will follow topic presentations. 

I'm one of the presenters and can tell you that we're planning on making this workshop very interactive, with lots of small group work. If you have a native garden, and know of two or three others nearby, why not consider it? Here's the workshop information:

Here's the registration information.
Register by October 31 to save some money - and who knows, next year you too might enjoy meeting and inspiring many wonderful people who really care about gardening with natives.


Country Mouse said…
I would love it if some energetic people took on a native garden tour in Santa Cruz. There has been one, but I think there was just one person who was behind it all, and it may have been too much. For a group, it could be a lot of fun though.