Pruning or Wildlife - a No Brainer!

I was doing a round of fall pruning, thinking about taking hedge clippers to my Salvia 'Winnifred Gilman,' when I heard some peeps and cheeps. I stood still.

Bushtits! Some of my favorite little brown birds!

They descended on Winnifred and infiltrated her twigs branches so delicately, and with terrific acrobatic style they ate her seeds.

I only had my little waterproof Canon on me so the photos are not the best, but still - bushtits! Can't lose!

Nearby, an Anna's  hummingbird was feeding on a few late blooms of Galvezia speciosa.

And as ever in the garden, the curious fence lizards kept me company too.

So - needless to say I'm not going to be trimming that salvia back any time soon!


Jane Strong said…
Very nice to know. I just cut my clevelandi a couple of days ago and now wish I hadn't
Town Mouse said…
Oh, so much fun! Great photos!
What's even better - the seeds stay around for other birds to enjoy even after you trim. A flock of juncos visits the area where my rosy buckwheat was. - of course, no sweeping.