Piece of Paradise

I had very much hoped to stay home for the rest of the year, but when I was sent to Bellevue, Washington, I decided to take the opportunity. And, imaging my delight when I found out that my hotel, on the wrong side of the freeway, was at the same time about a half mile from the Bellevue Botanical Garden.

So, every morning I got up early, put on walking clothes, and dashed past the poor people gathered around what the hotel called breakfast, already in suits and shirts. The weather was different on the two days - you'll see it in the photos - but it was a beautiful place both days.

I especially enjoyed the herbaceous border, enchanting with different shades of green, and some fall bloomers.

Simple stone sculptures added a bit of whimsy (hey, I could do that! just rocks on top of each other!)

A small Japanese garden included a waterfall - and so much green!

Coming from a dry summer in California, it was wonderful to see the ferns, moss, and flowers.

Regrettably, the native garden was not impressive - it looked much like a work in progress. But a large wild area had just recently been added to the garden and included many native plants such as this redwood sorrel.

And ferns, even growing on the tree trunks!

Much as I love my California native garden, it was very enjoyable to have a bath of green - and it made me hope even more that the rains will arrive soon and will be plentiful.


Alison said…
So glad you enjoyed your few days of greenery up here in the PNW. I love the BBG too, it's a great place to go for a walk.
Grandma C said…
I love the green your getting to see. My part of California had a little rain overnight, hope we will get more.