Best Time of the Year

Now that we've finally gotten a little rain, many of the plants in the garden are starting to bloom - and a recent bike ride along the Steven's Creek Trail showed many California natives in full splendor. I was especially taken with several large flannel bush specimens (Fremontodendron californica).

The fuzzy green leaves are beautiful year round, but only for about a month in spring these beautiful small trees or large bushes are covered in flowers.

The flowers are easily 3 inches across, and will stop you in your tracks.

And the best is yet to come: This year, the volunteers on the Santa Clara Valley Going Native Garden Tour will each receive a beautiful T-Shirt with Fremontodentron blossoms.

It's still time to register for a volunteer shift - and it's still time to register for the (free) tour, which will happen on April 26 and April 27. With plant sales at selected gardens, talks and many of the gardens, and friendly docents (in beautiful T-Shirts) to show you around, you won't want to miss this.

Go to to register (and get the garden addresses) or to volunteer!


Country Mouse said…
Oh joy!! I love that teeshirt, can't wait to get mine :-) But more than that I'm so looking forward to docent-ing for your garden - it's such fun to meet people interested in gardening with natives, newbies and old hands both.

I've been taking photos of my fremontodendron almost daily, it's so stunning this year!