A Visit to East Bay Wilds - California Native Plant Nursery

Rainyday shopping at East Bay Wilds
Pete Veilleux lives in the East Bay area (of the San Francisco Bay Area) and his nursery, East Bay Wilds, is in an inner suburb of Oakland. I was excited to plan a trip to Pete's nursery last Sunday - and also catch up with an old friend who also gardens with natives. Less exciting was the weather for the visit. The worst of the rain waited for us to get out of our car! Mr Wood Rat waited patiently under a patio cover while my friend and I roved around the extensive offerings.

A covered patio gives some respite!

Pete's influence extends well beyond his nursery. A lifelong lover and student of native plants, he is a wonderful photographer as well as nurseryman. Through his extensive Flickr photograph collections, he has provided a great resource for all native plant lovers and pictures of projects that are helpful for those designing native plant gardens. He has been very generous in sharing his photos with me for CNPS Santa Cruz Chapter publicity efforts - especially useful when I'm looking for specific plants like "natives with edible berries."

Even the gargoyle looks fed up with the rain!
Pete is an active contributor on the Santa Clara Valley chapter's Gardening With Natives Yahoo! forum too. If you are looking for advice from more seasoned native plant gardeners - I recommend you sign up and seek it here. It's also great to just keep up with other native plant gardeners.

I love the noble Roman head on the left, with plants growing out of the top. And Dopey the dwarf!

Pete was holding a sale and despite the weather business was brisk.  I was a bit disappointed of course, not to have a more leisurely (and sunny) visit and a chance to chat. But it was great to see the nursery anyway.

The sale continues on Friday by the way - if you are local to the nursery.

Pete helping some customers to choose the right plants.

The other thing Pete excels in - as you can see - is finding amazing garden art and furniture, from here there and everywhere. He has a great eye.

And yet, what did I pick to take home with me?  Something for my granddaughter to love!

And two buckwheats and a lewisia as well. What with the rain dripping down my neck, I was a bit hurried…

I confess I am not sure if I picked up Eriogonum crocatum, or E. umbellatum - or what Lewisia that is.
It's OK - they'll grow and prettify my garden!