More Amazing Plants at the Huntington

You may recall I visited the amazing Huntingdon a little while ago. My first post focused on the Desert Garden, and this post is to share more amazing plants.

I don't usually favor blog posts with lots of photos and not much else. But I think I'll make an exception this time - really, there was a lot to see, and the weather was fairly camera friendly. So, without further ado, let's start with some photos from the conservatory.

Here, I'm actually regretting I can't show you more of the very educational displays. It was interesting to learn about the tropical rain forest, and then in a different greenhouse, about the temperate rainforest, which had a mister go off somewhere almost all the time. It all made me want to go on a trip to somewhere wet - not that I didn't complain about the rains during my hiking vacation in May. But things change.

I enjoyed seeing kids look at everything and clearly having a good time. And the Huntington had just the right combination of educational without placing a lot of the interesting stuff at knee level.

In some cases, more labels would have been even better. On the way to the green house, we saw this fern.

Which got even weirder as we got closer.

Is this a fruit? A blossom? Who knows. And how about this:

Clearly, plants were up to something. We much enjoyed the mini-jungle, and the different ponds, like this.

And clearly, the plants were even interested in coming along for a ride, as we neared the Japanese and Chinese gardens, which you'll hear about  in the next post.


Hello, never been to the Huntington, though I have wanted to for a while. Your pictures make me want to go even more now!
The 'fern' is actually a cycad. More closely related to conifers than ferns. The males have a strobilus and the females have cones. I think that may be a female.
That yellow bloom is a Musella lasiocarpa, or yellow lotus banana. And yes, very closely related to the banana.
Thank for the pics!!
Sue Langley said…
I remember visiting here as a child and would like to go again now... It looks spectacular!

Mouse, is there a way of subscribing to your blog by email? Since Google Reader shut down, I've been missing your blog posts.
Diana Studer said…
I'm using Feedly since Google Reader died.