When the Going Goes Tough...

News from the garden is grim. With very little rain this spring, I lost a few plants. With very little rain this fall this far, I'm worried that some of my replacements won't make it. Add to that unusually cold weather, and freeze warnings for weeks on end, and it's hard to be cheerful.

Yes, little seedlings are coming up everywhere - but will they make it? I also planted seeds in small pots, but again, rain and slightly balmier temperatures would be very welcome.

But I'm happy that I have at least found a few things that might make gifts for friends, gardeners or not, and I'd like to recommend them to you.

First, fellow blogger Rebecca Sweet has written a new book! I loved her Garden Up! book (co-authored with Susan of Blue Planet Gardening), which had lots of good information about vertical gardening. And I'm really a bit in the doldrums gardening wise - maybe it's just the short days, probably it's the lack of rain. So, a bit of inspiration won't hurt - and this might also be a welcome gift. You can order Refresh Your Garden Design from your favorite bookstore - I'll go to Books Inc.

Second, and even more exciting, you can now buy soap from Curbstone Valley Farm! Following the stories of the goats has been a highlight of my week, and I'm excited that it's now possible to order this amazing soap online. I've read that real soap did a much better job keeping us clean than the new anti-bacterial stuff that strips your hands of beneficial bacteria. So, consider getting some for you and yours from the Curbstone Valley Shop.


Country Mouse said…
I have purchased some soaps from Curbstone Valley and they are gorgeous, and came in no time flat. The book sounds good - color is something I do need help with, and refreshing existing gardens is a good topic. I'll look out for it. Ground was totally hard all over our property today, thick ice. I hope this is the last day of the freeze though - balmy weather ahead!