Local Herps Around the Garden, with a Furry Tail...

I happen to have encountered a number of critters lately - so here is a post that is mainly photos of them. Only one was road kill, not too damaged!
Fence lizard drama! Sceloporus occidentalis. He's been chewing on a hawk moth which is nearby

He's eyeing the tasty treat  (and me) up


Yummy hawk moth (poor thing - I watched with divided feelings!)

Northern Rubber Boa - Charina bottae. I've never seen one before. Unfortunately he was dead. 

Here's his head. They are constrictors.

Greenhouse surprise! -- Northern Pacific Tree Frog, Pseudacris regilla.

Northern Pacific Tree Frog - closer.

Nice pattern on his back. 

I was organizing my containers - leaving him no room! I re-arranged them again to give him little passageways.

I was clearing a pile of brush - that's when I often do encounter the Southern Alligator Lizard, Elgaria multicarinata

He's pretty bendy. Was trying to get through the hardware cloth.

Looks like he's growing a new tail.

You can tell by the light irises that this is the Southern (and not the Northern) Alligator Lizard

I like his reddish colors and smooth scales with horizontal banding.

Today we saw a cute California ground squirrel eating a bun. Just to leave you with a furry thought!

Ground squirrel in parking lot of Manresa State Beach
A popular post I did some time back is Telling Alligator Lizards from Fence Lizards - you might want to check it out if you are not sure. Lots of people seem not to be!