California Summer Color

California applies its muted earth tones make-up in summer. Greys and browns, wheat and taupe, and the odd greyish green in between. But wait, there's more! Above, beautiful Ribes aureum that I saw in the Old Adobe garden, a private garden I had the great fortune to visit a week ago.

That garden also has a recirculating stream with water plants and - be still my heart - frogs.

Even the subtle rose of an Eriogonum I spotted during a recent trip to Fitzgerald Marine Preserve makes a statement.

At least the bee thinks so.

Quite striking the proliferation of yellow flowers along the coast - clearly, those who designed cars with yellow fog lights had the right idea. This color gets your attention (not sure of the exact species of this gumplant--Grindella--below. )

Also enjoyable the strong magenta of this little mallow.

And more green, ferns and a sedge (I think) along the creek.

And it goes on. Amazing, the colors near the ocean. Shimmering shells and stunning seaweed.

And with this strong dose of green, magenta, and yellow, I'm ready to return to the garden and enjoy its more subtle play of color. But maybe that's for another post.


ryan said…
Great photos. It would have been nice if the Old Adobe garden could have been on the spring fling tour. Everybody seemed to think the colors were muted in our Walnut Creek garden, but I think it was largely because it was the middle of the day and 100 degrees out. I really like our summer colors.