Yay! I'm a California Naturalist!

I spent a marvelous day today with my fellows in the California Naturalist Program at the UCSC Arboretum. We were wrapping up a 10 week program by presenting our "capstone projects."

Such a variety of wonderful projects there were, too, all to do with sharing nature with others and promoting understanding of our local area's natural treasures. I'll write about them another time. This is just a quick post...

But in the meantime, you can read all about the California Naturalist Program -- which is a statewide program that YOU may be able to participate in if you live in the state -- in an article I wrote for the Santa Cruz Sentinel. It was my "capstone project" for the program:

California Naturalist Program offers learning with a huge dollop of fun.

I urge you to read the article - not because I'm puffing myself - but because the program has been so FANTASTIC! -- and I hope to blog more about different aspects of it over the upcoming weeks.

It's Memorial Day Weekend here in the States. May you enjoy barbecues with friends and family -- and give some thought to the military people who have given their all.


Jason said…
Mazel tov! What a cool thing to do and be!
ryan said…
Congratulations. A fair time commitment, but it sounds like you had fun in the program.
Xeric Maid said…
Congratulations! It's a wonderful accomplishment!
I hope to meet you sometime there. I am new to the area, but am a member of the Arboretum and hope to visit it more often.
Country Mouse said…
Hi Xeric Maid! Good to connect with a local native plant gardener! I'm actually more involved with CNPS than the Arb - CNPS next meeting is in July and it should be really interesting -the topic is restoration on Año Nuevo island to support the bird life there. The arb is great and a wonderful way to settle in to a new area and make friends and find wonderful work to do! If I had time I'd do both! You might like to go on a CNPS field trip with the legendary Randall Morgan: http://www.cruzcnps.org/field_trips.html
CalNat Program said…
Just found this looking for something on our program. It made me so happy :) Brook- CalNat