Rain, Glorious Rain!

Rain on Festuca California.

Ever since I started gardening, I've been addicted to the text discussion of the National Weather Service (for my region, the forecast is here). And, after a very promising start in December, the weather news has been grim. No rain at all in January and February, and nothing much in March.
Then, it was supposed to rain last Saturday, and it didn't. But on Sunday evening, things finally picked up.

Raindrops on Sidalcaea malviflora, a native California mallow.

A short downpour in the evening, and then a steady drizzle overnight. I think it was close to a quarter inch, which was very welcome indeed.

Ribes speciosum (Claifornia gooseberry)

In the morning, I was so excited to go outside and look at everything fresh and clean.

Hybrid trout lily with raindrops

I love how everything sparkles, and I was also relieved because I was very close to turning on the irrigation. Now I can give it another week.

Heuchera and native ginger (Asarum caudatum) in the rain

Even the pots, which I have been hand watering, can probably go for a few days. And who knows, more disturbances are forecast so I might enjoy another round of glorious rain before the dry season starts.

Salvia brandegii 'Pacific Blue', with birdbath in background

I'm ready for another storm or two!


Ed Morrow said…
There is a great source of local CA weather information at

This site is run by the California Department of Water Resources.

Not only does it have the rainfall amounts (lately pretty meager), it also has the evapotranspiration number and other useful data. This is the data is used by golf course managers to determine their watering schedule. It is free (actually we pay for it with our CA taxes).
David Cristiani said…
And I hope you get several more 1/2" rains before dryness sets in. You're missing your rainy season, so are we. That does look refreshing...fingers crossed for our 30% chance through tomorrow!
Jason said…
You probably know that we had a horrendous drought last summer. When rain finally came I was ecstatic. We have caught up with our moisture deficit but I still watch the weather very nervously.
ryan said…
I didn't know you have a trout lily. I love them and I think I might look for a few plants or some seed. I was pretty happy about this rain. It looks like it made your plants look happy too.