Going Native Garden Tour Next Weekend!

Yes, the time has come again you can visit over 60 gardens with at least 50% natives.

Here's how to do it:
  • Register at gngt.org. Registration is free.
  • Use the garden pages to plan your visit - You can actually preview the gardens with many photos at http://gngt.org/GNGT/Gardens.php?year=2013 - but you can't see the addresses, which are available only to registered users. 
  • If you want, print plant lists for the gardens you want to visit - or just take a camera and notepad or your favorite electronic device, and be inspired!

My garden is playing its usual interesting games. The ceanothus in the front garden, and even the woolly blue curl started blooming weeks ago.  Salvia apiana, in contrast, doesn't look ready.

Salvia leucophylla has been stunning this year. But Carpenteria won't be ready, most likely.

Sidalcea malveflora, a California native mallow, has showed off its enticing pink flowers for weeks, and I'm a little worried that the plants that get the evening sun will be all done on tour day. But the columbine's don't look ready to bloom.

The sweet little monkey flowers from Gold Rush Nursery are blooming up a storm. I'm fortunate to have the nursery at my garden on Sunday, and I know my neighbors will enjoy the opportunity for a little shopping. 

Gardens from South San Jose to all the way up in Belmont will be on tour, and we'll gave a great variety, from inspiring small front gardens to large 1-acre lots, from beautiful gardens installed and designed by home owners to professionally installed and maintained show pieces.

Now, let's all hope for perfect weather - not too hot, not too cold....



Ed Morrow said…

With all the new growth, have you used your new greenhouse misting system?
Country Mouse said…
Hi Ed - the lovely garden tour garden is that of Ms Town Mouse. It's me, Country Mouse, who has the misting system and yes, I've been enjoying it a lot - I have seedlings ha
ppily growing and ready to pot on, and I might do cuttings next and reset the misting system to see how it does on the more frequent/shorter duration settings.
Goodness, I can't believe it's next weekend! Spring is zipping by. Your garden is looking lovely Ms. Town Mouse, and I'm sure the tour will be as wonderful as ever. I wish I could do the tour next weekend, but it looks like I'll have to miss it again. I think I need to clone myself, spring is just getting to be too busy! :P
Jason said…
Your garden looks great. I am always bowled over by the California Ceanothus. I participate in a native garden tour here, and there are always stubborn holdouts that refuse to bloom on time!
Nelson said…
"Your garden looks great."

Very great and lovely flowers to say the least..
ryan said…
Looks great. I registered for the tour. Can't wait.