Late bloomer

I had a different post planned for today - but then I went out in the garden and was quite stunned by the profusion of blooms everywhere. On top of that, it was quite warm, and bees and bumble bees were enjoying the blossoms. So, before it gets cold again on Tuesday, I decided to enjoy the balmy weather and celebrate by showing off a few blooms. Above, Ribes speciosum (fuchsia-flowered gooseberry), a newcomer to the garden. This plant is a little prickly so it's a good idea to plant it away from foot traffic, but I love the dark green leaves and bright red flowers in winter.

Another newcomer, native to areas a little further south is Venegasia carpesioides or canyon sunflower. I've been happy to see that so far, this plant survived (it's quite frost tender) and I expect the biggest challenge might become keeping in small. 

Blue-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium bellum) usually puts on quite a show in March and April, but this year's weather has been so pleasant that I'm already seeing the first blossoms. 

Similarly early is Salvia brandegii 'Pacific Blue', which has offered vey enjoyable blossoms later in the year last year. This year, I'm enjoying a few early flower stalks. 

Oxalis oregoneum (redwood sorrel) is also suprising us wih a few extra blossoms. Soon, the whole area under the redwoods will be a sea of pink. 

And last but not lease, the shade-loving currant Ribes sanguineum var glutinosum When I see the currents blooming, I always know that spring has very nearly arrive. 

And now I will - somewhat belatedly - go to Maydreams Gardens and leave a link to this post. And tomorrow, I'll have a look at the other posts that celebrate Fabruary.


Jason said…
Lucky you to have so much in bloom! I can see why you like that Ribes, very distinctive, are the berries good?
Country Mouse said…
Lovely blooms -- Same here - suddenly blooms in the garden! This morning I took some pics - tomorrow I'll do my late bloomer post too!