Visiting the stars

Last weekend, Ms. Country Mouse and I had the very great pleasure of visiting Lotus and Minnie, stars of the wonderful videos at the Curbstone Valley Farm blog. I'd wanted to go there for a long time - Mr. and Ms. Curbstone had visited my garden during the garden tour twice, and reading about the farm was just too enticing.

Of course I'd also been wondering - are there still turkeys? How about chicken? And how does the native plant garden in the front look? Well, let me tell you, Yes! Yes! Amazing!

I don't know how anybody can manage such a beautifully blooming monkey flower this time of year. Sure, the coastal climate probably helps, but I think it also has to do with dedication and attention to detail.

 Of course even the most conscientious gardener has a few zucchini get away every once in a while - and how convenient to have chicken and turkeys waiting for treats.

But otherwise, we just oooed and aaahed. I mean, I gave up on tomatoes in containers after 1 summer, and I don't even have deer and gophers and voles. It takes dedication to produce a spread like this.

But the Lotus and Minnie were the stars, and they enjoyed our visit. Here's Lotus, who's taller and has blue eyes.

Here's Minnie.

Who was expecially interested in the cameras.

And maybe next time we visit, she'll pick it up and we'll be in the picture.

Time went by much to quickly, and we so enjoyed the stories about the animals, the not so happy stories about the voles, which are set on decimating the fruit trees, and the plans for next year.

Lotus and Minnie ran around in their large pen, nibbled on hey, and were truly excited when a few dried leaves of a native Sycamore floated down onto the straw floor. They disappeared so fast, I didn't even know what they'd been eating. "Yes, leaves are like potato chips for them," said Ms. Curbstone. And now, each time I see a falling leaf, I think of Lotus and Minnie, and of potato chips...


Terra said…
The faces of these goats are so colorful and pretty.
Country Mouse said…
What a lovely account of our day with the stars!
I thought I recognized those impish faces ;) The girls enjoyed their visit too! It's so funny when leaves flutter down inside their pen, and you immediately see a dashing goat, following by the crunch-crunch-crunch of a dried leaf meeting its doom! The last time I made potato chips, the scene was quite similar in my kitchen, just substitute farmers for goats :P I do hope the Meeces can come back for a visit in the spring though, when the native gardens are blooming more heartily, and the zucchini are MUCH MUCH smaller! At least the turkeys enjoy them when they're that big!