Town Mouse's GBBD

As the garden is waiting for the rains to come, the gardener enjoys the last autumn flowers. Above, Eriogonum fasciculatum next to the fountain that was made from the Chinese stool. Starting there, let's take a spin through the garden.

Another buckwheat with the a few surprise blooms of Salvia clevlandii 'Alan Chickering', a fragrant native sage.

And here with Salvia gregii, much beloved by humming birds.

Eriogonum arborescens, a buckwheat from the Channel islands, harmonizes with the greyish green leaves of Codyledon, a South African succulent.

And, speaking of succulents, I've been very happy with this yellow blooming Aloe, which harmonizes nicely with some other succulents in a bed where nothing seemed to work out before.

The sedums are, alas, past their prime, but yarrow 'Paprika' puts on a final show before the winder break.

Each of the monkey flowers is putting out a few final flowers. Above, Mimulus puniceus.

Mimulus 'Eleanore' have been a joy all summer with its large creamy yellow flowers.

And the orange Mimulus that Ms. Country Mouse propagated from stock native to her area is also doing very well this year and putting out extra blooms in the fall.

Finally, last but not least, Zauschneria Californica has been bringing forth abundant blossoms for several months, and I hope I'll continue to enjoy the visiting hummingbirds for another month.

For now, though, I'm ready for a visit with Carol at May Dreams Garden to see what's blooming elsewhere - it's always a treat to take a flowery tour around the world, and I'm so grateful to Carol for hosting (now that we're hosting a First Views post in the first week of each month, I see what dedication it takes to be ready with a starter post in a timely fashion...)


My 'Paprika' yarrow is blooming as well, and I really like that it reblooms for the fall. Your blooms look so beautiful with spectacular colors like your salvia. Happy GBBD!
HELENE said…
Lovely Mimulus, I have never tried growing them but would have liked to. Thank you for letting me have a walk-about in your splendid autumn garden :-)
Country Mouse said…
I saw some eriogonum arborescens at Santa Cruz harbor today, north harbor, wild area. Must have escaped I thought from a garden. But Calflora does have two reports of it in Santa Cruz County. I wonder... Your blooms are lovely. Maybe I can get on the ball tomorrow and see if I can catch a lurking blossom or two!
Kalantikan said…
This are mostly unknown to me, the beauty of GBBD, seeing plants around the world. Those three colors for one variety is amazing, it is just like our Impatiens balsamina which has different colors and also in density of petals. I think i only know of sedum because it has wider range of growing conditions.
Lea said…
Lovely garden!
Happy GBBD!
Lea;s Menagerie
HolleyGarden said…
Your blooms are very nice. I am especially impressed with your blooming aloe. I've never actually even seen an aloe bloom!
Birdwoman said…
Wonderful plants. I do love your Mimulus. Sweet blossoms.
your yellow blooming aloe - is blooming enthusiastically in my other hemisphere garden today. Bulbine frutescens - in the asphodel family.
Julie said…
Wow--you still have quite lovely blooms. We enjoyed a nice, chilly rain this morning--it definitely feels like fall. Thank you for the tour of your lovely garden! Happy Bloom Day!
Jason said…
The Mimulus you have are spectacular. They make the Mimulus we grow in the east very drab by comparison.
Rambling Woods said…
Thank you for the visit to my blog and for the kind comment about my photo..I appreciate it...Michelle
scottweberpdx said…
Love the Eriogonum so much...they are truly lovely, and I'm soooo jealous of your Salvia clevandii! I just know I don't have the drainage/sun to make it happy...but whenever I smell them at the nursery I'm still tempted to try!
James said…
Nice collection--gotta love the buckwheats this time of year! We finally got our first rains of the season earlier this month--less than half an inch, and probably all we'll get until November. Maybe you'll get some headed your way too? Happy belated Bloomday.