Country Mouse photos from Saxon Holt class

Photography in the wild - or wild garden
Ms Town shared her pictures and experiences of the class she treated me to last month - a photography class with Saxon Holt, the well known garden photographer, a treat indeed. Saxon has a genial and easy going personality that encourages beginners to boldly try out ideas they've never tried out before.

I recorded my "take-aways" from the class in the August "First Views" post. But I'll gladly share a few pictures below - to enable you to hone your skills by doing your own personal compositional critique of my amateur efforts. You can also see a somewhat larger set on this flickr set.


Carolyn ♥ said…
Oh! I must check out those classes. Thanks for sharing this post!
a few interesting pictures. I can see Saxon Holt's influence. The ivy, and the mysterious path appeals to me.
Town Mouse said…
Very interesting - were we at the same place? I love the manzanita photos! Altogether, the native garden came out the best, I think.
But I still want to know which one you posted for comments, and what comments you got! Maybe another post?
ryan said…
You both did well. Interesting to see the different results; I can see that you were in some of the same areas but the photos are quite different. You have some nice shots of stonework, makes me think I should get out there again.
I love the light in the photo with the dock over the water, the entire image is very inviting! I'm so envious that you Meeces were able to take this class, it looks like you had so much fun!
With only one good arm, I'll never get to shoot a picture myself but I do like discussions about the art. The capture of the dock needs to be on flickr. But I most loved the agaves below. The play of the light makes it look like the agave got wet and is shaking off just like a puppy. A picture certainly can say a thousand words, and then some. Keep working on your skill. You have no excuse you have two arms. Right?