Going Native Garden Tour April 21 and April 22

Going Native Garden Tour, is just 1 week ago, and I'm getting very excited. Here's some info from their Web site:

Since 2003, the Bay Area's pioneering native garden tour has showcased gardens featuring California native plants. This community-based tour is free of charge to the public.

Each tour features 40-70 gardens, most of them private home gardens, which are open on tour day in a do-it-yourself, open house format.

It's been raining last week and the forecast is for sun for the next day, so the garden should look pretty good. Ms. Country Mouse will be a docent in our garden in the afternoon, and Gold Rush Nursery will sell there amazing little 4-inch pots of California Natives.

Before that, I'll have to do some serous cleanup today, but that, too, is fun and joyful. Then, Saturday morning early next week, I'll put out the labels for the plants. That's a lot like hiding Easter eggs and also fun. Because we have a 2-day tour this year - a lot of visitors requested it - I can visit some of the southern gardens myself on Sunday.

The tour is free but you have to register to receive the list of addresses. Go to gngt.org.