Nifty Nodding Needlegrass in the Mist

I didn't really get a nice shot of the nice panicles of nodding needlegrass (Stipa cernua) in the last post (this is just a follow up post to that one).

Here are some nodding needlegrasses currently blooming and nodding in my garden.

Pretty! I hope sometime to have a nice plant that is standing on its own to show - these are growing amid other things and harder to see the pretty fountaining form of the grass. Always something to aim for!


Mine isn't nodding yet, but it was new this year, and you do tend to be a couple of weeks ahead of us. It is a lovely grass. My plan this year is add some more native grasses to the garden. I love how they move in a breeze.
Country Mouse said…
I started leavinga comment on your comment, Clare, then realized I was writing a post! I'm going to save it off as notes. I have a few torrey's melic, but not a lot. I think it may be too late to start any more, but maybe not. Maybe I'll have a go this weekend. Of the non-local native grasses, I'm enjoying deer grass in particular - it's so dramatic.