Want to move to the suburbs?

So, I've been thinking my dear, that we should move to the suburbs. Check out this house, ready to move in.

There's even a basket of nesting material, 20 feet of the ground. I wonder how Ms. Garden Owner got that up there, but no matter, it will do very nicely.

We can also use some of the fluffy stuff, or some of the wooly threads hanging high up in the Camelia.

Though really, The fluffy stuff is mostly for the hummingbirds. Just in case there aren't enough spiderwebs to go around. Ms. Garden Owner seems to clean the windows very rarely, which means more spiderwebs and more spiders for you and me.

The food situation in the suburbs isn't bad either. Plenty of seeds in this garden.

But more importantly, Ms. Garden Owner does not spray, and she plants mostly natives. And that means plenty of insects for you, me, and our babies. Read all about it in this Beautiful Wildlife Garden post.

Lots of places to stop for a drink as well. You don't want to have to fly a mile for a bit of water, especially when the babies are little. This one, high above the ground, is my personal favorite.

 Oh, you're saying you don't like the color of that house? How about this one then, it's brand new and, well, all I can say is Location! Location! No cat or squirrel can reach this place.

Oh, you're saying you just got a tweet from Ms. Chickadee about another new house in the redwoods? Well sure, let's have a look.

Ah, yes, how perfect is that! Redwoods in the suburbs! Oh do allow me to build a little nest for us here. I'm sure it will be a great place to raise kids.


Country Mouse said…
I love the idea of birds tweeting to each other! Hope you get some takers. I noticed some knots in a madrone with white around, similar to one where I know a little creeper nests. Look like they could be in use as nesting holes - I'll have to check em out this summer. I hope we see pictures of birds flying in and out of your all mod cons homes!