GBBD November - Town Mouse

I admit I was a bit envious when I looked at Country Mouse's Garden Blogger's Bloom Day post this morning. I mean, manzanita before Thanksgiving? What's the world coming to!

But then I took a stroll around the garden, and things were not as bleak as I thought they were, even down here in the suburbs. The California fuchsia is clearly struggling, it did not like the early rains, but a few blossoms are still available for hungry hummingbirds.

In the front garden, the San Bruno Mountain golden aster (Chrysopsis villosa) has been blooming non-stop since spring. 

And the goldenrod plant that ended up in part shade delayed its blooms but is still going strong (in the background, our blue Nissan Leaf, the most fun car ever!).

 Eriogonum arborescens is slowly fading to brown, but even that looks good on this plant. 

But most of the blooming action is happening in the back this month. We have a Japanese Camelia, its delicate blossoms lighting up the shade. 

And the Eriogonum river is still looking good and attracting pollinators. 

Here's a close-up. 

 And Salvia spatacea (hummingbird sage) has also put out a few last blossoms. 

While yarrow 'Paprika' shows an attractive combination of spent and new flower heads. 

The Australian fuchsia (Correa) is again happily confused and blooming. I can't help but be impressed by this plant which survives afternoon sun all summer and then bursts forth with blooms in November. 

The non-native sage tricked me into postponing a planned heavy pruning by putting out quite a few beautiful blossoms. Well, I can wait. 

Same with the rosemary, which still has bees visiting on sunny days, so I don't have the heart to prune it back just yet. 

Also blooming just a bit are Salvia clevlandii 'Alan Chickering', my wooly blue curl, and Eriogonum fasciculatum. Not bad, considering the cold nights and short days. 

And now, I'll head over to Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see what's blooming everywhere else. Or maybe I'll have dinner first.


queerbychoice said…
I'm totally with you on the attractiveness of brown buckwheat flowers. I'm shocked every time I hear about anyone cutting them off.
James said…
Hay, you found some flowers after all! Very cool. I like your E. arborescens, and it looks like yours behaves differently than mine, which seems to have a long season of new flowers being supplied constantly while the old ones fade to brown. You didn't have manzanitas to share, but I expect I'll see some soon in your posts. Enjoy.
Country Mouse said…
Lovely photo of the delicate camellia flower. I don't have any hummingbird sage in bloom at all. And my buckwheats don't stay brown on the plant - only because I've been seed collecting from them!
ryan said…
You're right about the australian fuchsia being an impressive plant. And the flowers are a nice dusky color when you get close to them. Good bloom day, with a nice mix of old seedheads in with the flowers.
scottweberpdx said…
I absolutely love the Eriogonum arborescens, even when fading...just a wonderful plant!
Haddock said…
Some lovely flowers here, and some of them I have never seen before.
Our Epilobiums are still doing remarkably well, and outblooming most of our natives at the moment. I won't touch the rosemary for a while though, it really seems to come into its own now the weather has cooled down. Like Country Mouse, my hummingbird sage isn't blooming at all, and has been done for some time, so you're lucky yours pushed a few extra fall blooms!
Very nice!

Where did you get wooly blue curls?