Plant of the Moment: Maurandya antirrhiniflora

Even California Native Plant enthusiasts bemoan at times that we have fairly few attractive native vines. Imagine my delight, therefore, when Nicky from Gold Rush nursery introduced me to a vine I'd never met before this spring. Maurandya antirrhiniflora (snapdragon vine) is a delicate little vine that tolerates dry conditions and, coming from the desert, it seems to do fine even with afternoon sun. And the best part are the sweet little flowers that arrived for my vine in summer.

I like the delicate leaves, maybe an inch long, that twine up the wires I strung along the fence. And I'm quite happy with the pretty little purple flowers - Las Pilitas tells us they can be magenta or purple, and either would have been fine near the clarkias and salvias.

Of course, because nothing is perfect, this vine is deciduous. But I'm hoping for a short winter's rest. So far, Maurandya is going strong. And it will be delightful when the stark wires start greening up in spring, and when the flowers appear again.


I haven't heard of this vine before, but it looks quite charming. Its leaves somewhat remind me of bindweed. I see it's native to San Bernadino county. I wonder how well it would tolerate our soggy coast-side winters? Even our exposed slopes can get quite drenched and soggy by February, although our soils do drain well. We're dry enough in summer I expect, I just wonder if I could succeed in overwintering it.
Sue Langley said…
What a lovely vine, Mouse, and you say it's native? I'll have to look for it.
Fall planting around the stormy today, but still hot...rumbling in the high country and I pray for no sparks.

Love, love Cleveland sage Very appropriate plant around the Buddha,...a sage. :-)
I'm so jealous I can't grow in my zone. It's certainly delicate looking vine,
Dear Mouse, I love your snapdragon vine and wish it would grow here! P. x