Wish you were here!

Dear Mr. Mouse,

I'm so sorry you have to be on a business trip right during the best time in the garden. Imagine, yesterday evening I watched the mourning doves both coming for a drink at the bird bath, and then the romance started. You can see in the photo how Mr. M. Dove is puffed up and trying to look important while she is still not convinced. But later -- well, I didn't think we should have a photo of that on our blog.

A wonderful surprise was the Calochortus (mariposa lily) blooming in the pot in front of the sunroom for the first time. The pot as such looks a little dried out, but who can resist that blossom?

And finally, for the first time in three years the Lonicera hispedula (California honeysuckle) has not succumbed to an aphid infestation and is showing off beautiful pink blossoms (and, I hope, red berries will follow).

I do hope you make it back from your trip in time to enjoy these wonderful surprises -- without your help and support, this garden would still be a forelorn lawn.

Town Mouse


Oh, I love the golden Calochortus! It does look like it's going to be an excellent year for Lonicera hispidula here too. I'm seeing a lot more flower buds this spring on some of the vines. Maybe all that late rain in March was good afterall!
Country Mouse said…
I'm also seeing a wonderful year for hairy honeysuckle in our parts. The calochortus is wonderful - I'm starting to get into bulbs a little. Maybe I'll try this one!