Yes! Yes!

Remember how I complained bitterly that all the rain was falling on my neighbor's garden? Well, no more. We've come up from less than 10 inches for the season (our rain season is June to June) to over 13 inches, and another storm is on the way. It's been exciting to watch the weather, I've enjoyed the drumming of the rain on the roof, and I don't even mind that the clean-up I did already for the garden tour was all for naught.

And while we're on the topic of happy news, let me tell you about the hawk I saw last week. Yes, right here in suburbia, flying from the redwoods over to the liquidambar tree! I'd seen him/her before, but never before managed a photo. Well, here it is. How exciting is that? Dear hawk, we have plenty, I repeat, plenty of baby squirrels for you to enjoy. Please come back.

And for this Sunday, Country Mouse and I are planning on going to the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. We'll be at the California Native Plant Society booth 2-4, but we're also looking forward to seeing the display gardens and to maybe do a little shopping. Some of our favorite nurseries (including Annies Annuals and Gold Rush Nursery) will be there... and the ground will be moist and ready for a few plants.

Please say Hi if you see us at the booth or elsewhere around the show -- we'll probably wear the ears again. Why be normal?


Christine said…
Town Mouse, I think you're the only one who's chipper about the rain right now, which is making me feel like a grumpity grump! Thanks for reminding me of the silver linings in those big, dark storm clouds. Have fun at the show! The gardens this year seemed to incorporate many natives (ceanothus and some lovely ribes aureum) and tons of lettuce.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you got your rain. I remember how wonderful our first rain was here, near Yosemite. Didn't even stop me from gardening in it.

Now we have had snow and rain and hail and more snow, so I think wwe're good as far as snow pack for the year. So many trees down, though.

I would love to get some bird photos, especially of hawks. Love this photo, sitting in a Liquidamber?

Have fun at the show and thanks for the link to Gold Rush Nursery!
Good grief...the difference it makes being on the coast side of the mountain. We've had almost 26 inches of rain just since January, and that doesn't count all the rain we had from Oct-Dec (before our weather station was installed). This last storm alone, over 3 days, we had almost 6 inches! The orchard slope is starting to slide, and there was a massive rockslide on the opposite side of the ridge to us. Too scary. Personally, I'll be happy to have no more rain for a few weeks ;)

Love hawk photo. I hate to say this, but I'm afraid your hawk is more likely to eat your songbirds than your squirrels. Looks from the picture as if it's a Cooper's Hawk.

Sorry we'll miss you at the SFFGS. We're heading up that way Saturday. Other than the gardens, we're hoping to catch Alice Waters' presentation tomorrow! Have fun!
Isn't all this rain great! I'm so happy for my new native garden that I put in last November - they are loving it!

I'm sorry I'm unable to make it to the garden show - I'd have loved to have met you in time! Have fun.