Don Edwards Environmental Education Center

Taking advantage of a brief respite in the rain, and suffering from just a bit of cabin fever, I took a brief photographic sojourn this afternoon to the Don Edwards Environmental Education Center. I was hoping for a few photos of California spring, and I was not disappointed.

The preserves is quite close to the freeway (237 to San Jose), but just driving the narrow road that leads to the entrance and seeing the poppies made me smile. And these were not the plain orange poppies but the two-color coastal poppies. Interestingly, they looked pretty good after a week of rainstorms.

The preserves includes a butterfly garden with many beautiful native plants. It's interesting to see mature specimens of hummingbird sage, ceanothus, and the different salvias. Most gardeners keep these plants tidy and contained, here they're allowed to grow as large as they like.

Now that's a hummingbird sage! The preserves also has an Eriogonum giganteum (St. Cathrine's Lace) that is around 10 feet tall and made it abundantly clear to me that this plant was not meant for a suburban garden.

The contrast of the San Francisco Bay and the beautiful plants (above another ceanothus) is quite enchanting.

With the corporate offices across the freeway so close, and yet so far away. Turn around, and you're again in the middle of an abundance of blossoms, with many species of birds singing their spring songs.

Just look at this white ceanothus, ready to engulf the house!

The ribes, adorned with its bright red pendant earrings adds some color to the show. But the wildlife was the most fun. I must have seen three different bunny rabbits. (Or was that always the same rabbit, staying just a bit ahead of me?)

I finally managed to snap a picture on my way back to the car, much refreshed by the brisk, rain-fresh air and the beautiful sights.


Chandramouli S said…
Whoa! Those poppies look riotous! What a sight!!! Nice photos. Like the one with the hare.
Jess said…
How cool. Didn't know about that place but will have to make a visit some time!