An Ear-full of Waxwings!

I was watering the pots on the upper deck yesterday. Hm. What's that chirping squeeking racket in the madrone tree? A chirp of a different pattern from the usual chickadees or dark eyed juncos. Why - it was an "ear-full" of cedar waxwings!

I don't often see these winter visitors to our parts, so I was very happy to catch a glimpse of these most elegant birds feasting away on the berries.

You can hear their sound and read more about them - including that interesting collective name - at this page.

Now I'm off to Native Revival nursery, because I have a penchant for penstemons this fine Superbowl Sunday.


Amy said…
Pretty photo!
wiseacre said…
I'm with ya, I don't see them enough and it makes me happy when I do.
Dear CM, I love the collective name you use! An elegant bird indeed! P x
Anonymous said…
I saw the title and raced to see your waxwings. This is one of my most favorite birds and you have a gorgeous photo of them.
Nancy said…
Beautiful photograph!
I usually see them feasting on my neighbor's privet berries in the winter, then coming over to take turns getting a drink at our fountain while leaving many privet seeds behind!
But this winter I haven't seen them yet. I guess they are all over at your place :)
Christine said…
I gasped at the photo- what a wonderful discovery! It's funny, your last post was about dealing with the wildlife when it's at odds with the garden, but something like this reminds you of why you live where you do, doesn't it? The perfect reminder before buying more plants!