Resolution? Have More Fun!

Another year is upon us, and New Years Resolutions are everywhere. And yes, I admit, even I intend to return to the straight and narrow path of a very low cholesterol diet -- though I loved that cheese plate I had while on vacation but genes are genes. I hope to through in some abs exercises and floss daily. Maybe I'll even try to keep better records. And I must organize my photos. (Blah.)

But when it comes to the garden, I only have one resolution: Have More Fun! Here's what I'm planning to do.

  • Sow some annuals to attract pollinators and make the heart sing. 

  • Go to the California Gardens Symposium at Foothill College in Los Altos on February 19. If you're even remotely local, click on the link and have a look at the speakers. I can't believe how lucky we are to have them all come here! Come join the fun!
  • Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the California spring with blooming manzanita and ceanothus, penstemon, poppies... Go for hikes. Sit in the garden. Work in the garden.
  • Get involved in the 2011 Going Native Garden Tour. I absolutely plan on volunteering, and I'm almost ready to submit my garden again. Gardens must be submitted by January 15. Volunteers can start signing up already. Won't you join me? 
  • Visit more gardens. I can't believe I still haven't made it to the Ruth Bancroft Garden, and I truly regret that Mr. Mouse and I returned a day early from our trip to Southern California because of the Rose Parade and missed the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden (more on that trip in another post - it was FUN).

  • Work harder on making better photos. At times I cringe at some of the photos I post because nothing better is at hand. Yet I enjoy spending time in the garden or out on walks and making photos. Double fun here: Time spent making the photos, and time spent using the photos. 
  • Be tolerant and share everyone's gardening joy. At times, I get sucked in. Plant only local natives! Don't plant exotics! Don't overplant! Don't underplant! Mulch! Don't mulch to help out the bees! But really, it's just plants. Mistakes can often be composted. It's supposed to be fun. 

  • Make mistakes.  Maybe the blue elderberry I planted in the corner is not the perfect replacement for the cotoneaster because it wants to grow huge. But the birds like it, and if I really get tired of it, I can take it out. 
  • Get help before things stop being fun. Last fall, confronted with a fairly large list of plants I wanted to remove, I did the unthinkable and hired someone. My helper was happy about the extra money, just in time for the holidays. 
  • Share the joy. I hope to continue blogging, and I'm so thrilled I don't have to go at it alone. I'm looking forward to the many opportunities to enjoy California Native plants, to visit gardens, to go for hikes, and learn, and to share.
Happy New Year everyone!  Thanks to co-bloggers and visitors for great posts and great comments. And for the new year, I hope you'll all have fun!


Barbara E said…
Great resolutions. Would you mind if I borrowed your list and made them my resolutions too? Happy New Year. Hope we get to meet in person this year!
chuck b. said…
Oh man, I would love to go to that symposium at Foothill, but I'll have mid-terms the next week. :(
Liz said…

Happy New Year to you too!
Wait, a low cholesterol mouse, with no cheese? That doesn't sound like fun! ;)

I think I'm going to have to make a hole in my calendar for that symposium, that's a great list of speakers!

Having more fun is a great idea. This is the first 'garden' that has truly felt overwhelming at times. Now, I can just find a way to make the weeding fun!

Happy New Year!
Christine said…
Good resolutions, every one! I especially like the one about not getting too serious about it- it's easy to get sucked in to the "proper" way of gardening.
Amy said…
Amen....they all sound good to me, too. Happy New Year!
fer said…
Have more fun! that is the best resolution I have seen so far!
I will now make it my resolution too
Keep us posted on how your garden does. Best luck with the starting year!
I like your resolution to have fun. I think I will join you.
Best one I've heard... ever! I think that will be my resolution every year (it will replace my snobbier "I don't make New Year resolutions").