Mystery Solved!

In September, I asked the gentle readers of this blog whether they might know the name of the mystery succulent here in my garden. I had some great suggestions, but either the leaves weren't right of the flowers weren't right, not a satisfactory resolution of the mystery.

I mentioned this to a good friend who's very knowledgeable about plants. That very evening, he had the answer to my question: Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga , available (wholesale) from San Marcos Growers. Here's their photo for comparison. Mine is actually a little less orange and a little more rose, but close enough. I'm so thrilled!


Holy crap, that is gorgeous!
rebecca sweet said…
Hooray! The cutting you gave me is thriving and now I can see what type of flower it'll have (in addition to its name) - thanks so much! Have a wonderful holiday season, my friend.