A Banner Year

Another year of celebrating California native plants has gone by too quickly. Maybe I'll get around to a pensive retrospective, a list of favorite posts. But for now, let's just have a look at this year's banners (just for once, do consider clicking each picture for better resolution). 

January 2010 came with the pink glow of Arctostaphylos pajaroensis (Pajaro manzanita). So inspiring that I planted 3 more just a few weeks ago.

In March, we showcase a few tiny blossoms of our native currant from up close.

In May, celebrating the April Garden Tour, I had a picture of the lovely Penstemon heterophyllus (Foothill penstemon).

The June banner showed off the stunning eardrops I had seen during a hike while at Tassajara for a few days.

In August I was out of town and was delighted to use Ms. Country Mouse's quail photo for the banner.

In September, I was happily back home and used Zauschneria Californica (California fuchsia).

The October photo really belonged to both of us, it was of a California native maple leaves we saw while up at Tilden Regional Park for a class.

And Country Mouse's beautiful photo of a hummingbird against a fall sky was a worthy banner for the cool and wet November and December.

Thanking all of our readers for great advice, thoughtful comments, and a few laughs we wish you a Bountiful and Floriferous New Year.


You know my favorite will be April.
Such beautiful banners to round out the year. Wishing you and yours a happy holidays and a great new season to come!
Susan Krzywicki said…
Quail and penstemon are my favorites - good job!