Is Anybody Reading Our Blog?

Here's a conundrum: One of us mice writes a post that's quite fascinating and educational (like, for example, the recent post on native irises). The other mouse sends an excited and congratulatory email. Then we wait for comments -- surely someone must share our excitement! But maybe not. Maybe noone is reading this! Oh no! We're boring! Noone loves us! -- Ah, relief, a comment. Another comment. Mmmm, must be the holidays.

And on the one hand we honestly don't care that much. After all, it's partly about recording what we buy and plant, and besides, we read each other's post. But it's kind of nice to know someone out there is having a look, and maybe they'll divide their irises now, or order some seeds to benefit pollinators. We were both teachers some time long ago, and that probably sticks.

But how can we know whether anybody is reading? Blotanical and Diane from Elephant's Eye to the rescue. On Monday, I thanked Diane for her pick of the Iris post and remarked that we wondering whether anybody is reading. "Oh, just look at the stats," she replied. "What stats?" And here's her answer:

From your blogspot dashboard you can click Stats (that is a recent development) Blogger stats are immediate, right up to 'Now' which is the last 2 hours. Then I use StatCounter for the long term trend - How is my blog doing?

Amazing! We had so many visitors! And they looked at the Iris post, but also at the post about the dusky-footed wood rat. There are many options to display the information, it's just very exciting. Thank you, Diane, and thank you Google.

 (First mouse picture from Wikipedia, the other two from The Baldwin Project, Bringing Yesterday's Classic's to Today's Children.)


Christine said…
I can't tell you how much I love the illustrations! Another option is to download google analytics, which is free but takes a little time to figure out if you're like me and not tech savvy. I love seeing what people google to find my posts- it's enlightening and often hilarious. I've also received email from people who felt compelled to comment further and that is beyond satisfying!
chrisbear said…
I'd highly suggest Google Analytics as a more powerful way to watch your stats. I watch my referring sights obsessiveness so I can thank anyone who posts a link over to my hiking blog.
If a blogger leaves a post in a forest syndrome. I got through it all of the time. Granted, I'm sure your stats are much better than mine. I think a lot of times, a blog is a practice in self-absorption; instead of always talking to yourself, you can at least think someone else is listening. At least you have each other TM & CM! But rest assured, we are reading, even if we're not commenting. And thank heavens for devotees like Diana!
I always read your blog! The holidays have been a bit hectic, and I haven't had as much time to comment the last couple of weeks, and I'm sure others had the same issue. Personally I love Google Analytics (but we're using Wordpress not Blogspot). It's rather fun knowing how many countries have visited, and what keywords they used to find you...and occasionally amusing too :P Love the illustrations of the Meeces by the way!
Liz said…

As with most things you'll find people viewing your pages but not necessarily finding the time to comment on or, or indeed they have nothing to say!

I know I'm guilty of this, and did read your Iris post - but don't have any Irises other than the dwarf spring flowering types.

Btw, I love the mice illustrations, they remind me of a book we had a child called 'noisy nora' :)
Town Mouse said…
Oh, let me be clear. I don't want to complain that people aren't leaving comments all the time. I don't leave that many comments myself, actually. I just wanted to share my excitement that there's such an easy way to see whether someone has visited!

Anyways, thanks for all the comments ;->
Country Mouse said…
Wow, who knew - what fun. The seed exchange post was a big hit and also - Fire: burning the brushpiles. Maybe you just have to put Fire! in the title and people are stimulated to read!

It's all a very interesting process which I could not have predicted before I started blogging. As my co-mouse says, we do this also just for ourselves. I can look up this time last year and see what was going on in our respective gardens, or check when I actually did a certain thing, and it's often very helpful.

Thanks, everybody, for reading, and for writing too so we can enjoy reading about your gardens and garden lore.
xoxoxo said…
I too read almost every post but leave no comment! You are so smart I have just been soaking it up for future use. I love the STATS option... someone in Russia is even translating my site to read! Who could it be?
luvarugula said…
just checking in to say hello because for some reason, i don't comment much but do visit so please check your visitor log...i use sitemeter as well
Elephant's Eye said…
;>) I did once long ago look into Google Analytics, with horror. Too complicated so I welcomed the new Blogger Stats (quick and dirty, answers the question which is the title of this post!)
Must go --- I still have about 300 blog posts to catch up on.
PS Post on blogging and we comment.
Brent said…
You have 49 followers as I write. These are people that are interested in what you have to say so surely at least they read your blog. That's like a letter to each one of them plus whoever else happens to wander by. That's not too bad in my book (I have 9 followers). The great correspondents of the last century would have been lucky to have had so many readers.

I feel like my blog is mostly a journal, so the number of followers is only a secondary motivation to write.

I'm guilty of not commenting too, though I follow your blog. Your post on irises was interesting, but not something that I need to do this year so I just mentally filed it away for reference.
Anonymous said…
Yep, we're all reading! And what you may not be able to see from the stats page is that a bunch more people are also reading you through the RSS feed, without necessarily even visiting your site directly.
Randy Emmitt said…
Oh the mouses,

I read nearly every post! Most of the time I have nothing to add as California gardening is something I know little about, another reason I read the blog.
grumblebunny said…
*waves from back of classroom*
Dear TM and CM, Who knew, indeed! Isn't Diana amazing? I have learned so much about blogging from her. And your posts are super informative! Keep up the good work. Pam x
Emily said…
I read every post! And I take mental notes. I also am often reading while I nurse, which makes it hard to comment. I love your blog and I am learning so much. Thank you!
Country Mouse said…
Wow - thanks for popping up and saying hello, everyone. It's scary/nice to know people are reading what I write. (Can't speak for the other mouse.) I'm certainly enjoying blogging and joining in this blogging community. (There I'm sure I can speak for us both!)
camissonia said…
Town Mouse, I love reading your blog (and Country Mouse's too!) Though I've been a little remiss lately in posting comments on many of my fav blogs (due to work, entertaining the family during the holidays, etc., etc.), still, I'm reading all of them - keep it up!
I'm reading!!!

I particularly like the feature on blog tracking websites that tell what "keyword searches" brought visitors to my blog.

Not because the information is particularly useful, but because it's so utterly absurd. Some of our favorites? Searches for "old hot naked ladies" of course!
Brad said…
Well I do read your blog, though I admit I tend to blog in fits and starts recently, so I'll read several all at once and then go a long time without reading. Thanks for that stats info. I've been using google analytics to see how many read my blog. I'm guessing they'll give me the same stats.
I can't always reconcile the number of commenters versus the numbers who read. Sometimes reasdership is pretty stable, but comments will be a little dry. I'm sure the holidays figure in there somewhere... As you can see, a lot of us are glad you're there, even if we're not making comments all the time!