Yes, it was great to spend time in Boulder. We had a real summer, I enjoyed the many bike paths (filled the gas tank once in 6 weeks), and I learned a lot. But in the back of my mind, I was homesick for my garden. It was just a little too long.

So I was delighted to find that the miserably cool weather here in California -- the coldest summer in 39 years -- has left the garden looking green and happy. The California Fuchsia was blooming when I arrived, and even the Agapanthus (shown in the first photo) still looks pretty good. 

The wine barrel is a little overgrown -- Eriogonum fasciulatum does seem to find this the perfect spot. But the water lilies are doing well and were blooming almost daily. This despite a vicious attach by a racoon (or two, or three), who broke the solar fountain spout and tried to get at the lily bulbs and the goldfish. Fortunately, the pot was too heavy and the fish were too cautious. Mr Mouse covered the barrel with a plywood circle secured with shock cords every night, and even the day after this photo was taken, a new blossom opened up.

The back garden was a symphony in gray and green, with the bright orange dots of the poppies (still closed when the picture was taken) and the inviting red trumpets of the California Fuchsia sprinkled throughout.

In the side garden, Eriogonum grande rubescens stunned me with the vibrant red blossoms, fading to pink, then rust, and set off nicely against Eriogonum arborescens, in the back.

The sedum also delighted with its beautiful flowers, justed opened up. But I was tired. I'd seen enough to be very happy that Mr. Mouse had tended the garden so well. And I needed rest, knowing at the same time that some serious pruning and sweeping was in my future.


Rotten raccoons, they can be so destructive. Glad your lilies (and your fish) survived the raid. It really is the time for buckwheats to shine. I love how yours look all massed together. We just have a few here at the moment, but hope to remedy that over the next few years by adding a lot more. It looks quite desolate on the bloom front here this time of year.
Country Mouse said…
Glad to have you back! The garden looks great! Now we have a nice deer proof area ready for landscaping, I'd love to use Eriogonum grande rubescens. I hear that buckwheats will hybridize. - I only know of a few Eriogonum nudum in the area and those are in a shady area by the creek over a mile away. So maybe I can allow myself Eriogonums in my pool garden. And maybe some of that wonderful Festuca californica - it gives so much structure with its airy fountain. Does it reseed in your garden?
ryan said…
Welcome back. Your garden looks great. It really has been as cold and foggy as you heard.
Welcome home, and what a great garden you have to return to! Even through it isn't a riparian species the buckwheat looks great overhanging the water. For a few years now(knock on wood) we haven't had raccoons visit the yard--and especially the fishpond. Their visits in the early years convinced us we wanted to convert two of the smaller ponds with easier access to plants and fish into planters that are now bogs gardens.
susan morrison said…
Although not great for tomatoes, this has been the most forgiving summer I can remember having in a long time. I've neglected my garden all summer, but it's still thriving. (Though it's a little droopy now that we're finally getting triple digit temps.)
Meredehuit ♥ said…
I feel the same, always so nice to travel, but there's no place like home especially when there's gardening to do! Your Garden seems to have fared well.
isabella cake said…
I am really happy that your lilies survived the raid of the raccoons. These pests are really irritating. I also have problems with them sometimes. Your Eriogonum grande rubescens is really amazing. The color is so lovely! All of your flowers are rally doing well as my garden too.
rose platinum said…
I totally agree that when you are away from your garden you really miss it. Doing all the gardening chores is making you miss your garden. Your garden looks great and good for you that your lilies survived the raccoon attack.