It's time to paint things red white and blue!

I would love to post about propagation and seed gathering exploits but it will have to wait. Too nice outside -- I'm off to paint the greenhouse window frames white, then I'll paint a couple of cheap pine Adirondack chairs red and blue.

Wood rat is setting posts for the new pool / deer fence, which is going to be lovely - redwood and bamboo, with the redwood used for a "picture frame" style fence, plus a board at 8 ft for deer protection (mostly for our neighbor as this is part of his deer-proof fence).

Hope you (in the US) are also enjoying your Fourth of July weekend!


I've spent the week on vacation from my job as a theatrical scenic painter. And what have I been doing? Painting my garage and porch!
I think your greenhouse is very fancy - its more like a garden room.
Country Mouse said…
L&R - I've been having a busman's holiday myself - editing a book for a friend (I'm a tech writer).

Rosie - it is fancy I agree, we were lucky to get the free french doors. I hope to fill it with growing plants, and also have two chairs in there, for sharing a nice cup of tea and a chat!
I'm really suffering from greenhouse envy! I just love all the windows. Still haven't started our hybrid greenhouse/shed project, beyond excavating for the base. Been too busy in the garden. Hopefully soon! Happy 4th Meeces! :)
Country Mouse said…
Thanks, CVF - ya hard to find time. Our greenhouse was started in December last year and we thought we'd have it done by the new year - well here we still are, no floor, no shelving etc. Water plumbed, but no electricity. Other higher priority things come up. I do have tomatoes growing. We're getting there - and you will too I know - happy 4th!