The Intent of the Gardener

Gardening Gone Wild has graciously invited us to another photo contest, and I really could not resist this months theme "The Intent of the Gardener." I had hoped it would be easy, I'd just snap a few pictures that say "inviting", "California", "beautiful", that kind of thing. But now I'm far away from home, looking at the photos I made before I left, and, mmh, each one has a little flaw.

This photo shows off the grasses beautifully, but there's no color. 

And this photo with Eriogonom arborescens (Santa Cruz island buckwheat) should have showcased my "California Native Garden" sign, but somehow the delicate writing doesn't provide enough contrast in the photo. And the delicate Triteleia (a native bulb) in the foreground disappear in the noise of the foilage.

This photo is my second choice. It shows off the grasses nicely, the path to the stone patio and chair looks inviting, and I like the framing by the Lepechina fragans (pitcher sage). But again, no color.

So, I picked the photo of the back garden with the hammock, the first photo in the set. The hammock is inviting, and Monardella villosa (coyote mint) adds a welcome splash of color, framed by Festuca Californica in the foreground. And now, do check out everyone else's photos here.


It does look very inviting. And I like this photo a lot. But I would argue with your definition of "no color". In my universe, greys and greens are colors: calm, serene, and intrinsically beautiful all by themselves. But I quibble only slightly with your choice.

Good luck with the contest, too.
Kimberly said…
I think you picked the right one. I like it. Good luck!!
I love the hammock photo, but the others do have their merits too. Good luck in the contest!
jo said…
Couldn't find any flaws in those pictures. I want to relax in that garden. The hammock image has some beautiful lines going through it. I can see why you selected that one in the end.
Verification word is a wonderful new spelling of -injury-: ingeri.Sorry, I get distracted by those words :-)
jo said…
BTW, can I 'borrow' that ad-free badge? Is it a group?
I find that I return less and less to pages with ads.
Elephant's Eye said…
So glad the entries are creeping up, from 6, to 11.
Good luck! Yours is one of my favourite gardens in Blotanical land. You strike the right balance between 'serving nature' and a 'garden for people' to enjoy and admire.
Elephant's Eye said…
ad free blog logo? Is it yours?
Jess said…
Love all the pics. They have color, it's just mellow color. You've created a truly inviting and beautiful place without resorting to the cliche of having a flower every inch--you should be very proud of that!
debsgarden said…
That hammock is an inviting spot! Your garden is lovely. I like the soft colors, perfect for relaxing!
Country Mouse said…
Oh man that picture makes me want to lie in the hammock and listen to the bees!
Great photo - it says the living is easy in California. But I've got to wonder how often you actually use the hammock? ;^)
antigonum cajan said…
This is a pleasant composition. It welcomes the observer, with the beautiful simplicity, so difficult to achieve.