Tassajara Again - Wildflowers

Town Mouse reported on her trip to Tassajara recently, and it was my great good fortune to also spend some time there, last week. I didn't see any of the lovely golden eardrops she photographed for the GGW competition. Maybe because I didn't walk on the same trails, or maybe they may just finished blooming, I don't know. But there were plenty of other wondrous sights and experiences. Like this alligator lizard.

The wildflowers were astonishing. I have never seen wildflowers in such abundance, such a profusion of colors.

I know many of their names but not all, and as it's almost midnight, I'm not about to do any research! If you want to offer any IDs, I would be grateful - I may backfill this post to add the names tomorrow.

I just love the fence lizards. I like how they look up at you, and don't always run away. I wonder what their experience of life is like.


Beautiful photos! That alligator lizard is stunning. I see you found some Calochortus albus still in bloom. Ours is almost done, and is setting those lovely three-winged seed pods everywhere! I love fence lizards too...they're so much more bold. I often see them doing push-ups in the orchard, looking like they're trying to impress me, and the males in their breeding colors with iridescent blues are quite spectacular.
patientgardener said…
Thank you for sharing the images from your walk - its very different from where I live
Noelle said…
Oh, I can see why you enjoy visiting Tassajara. Your photos are beautiful. Please let us know what the wildflowers are after you id them :-)
camissonia said…
Really lovely pictures! The red blooms in your unidentified pix resemble some variety of Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja spp.) and the butterfly a couple photos down looks like a California Sister (Adelpha bredowii) - but then, you may already know all that. I used to confuse the California Sister with the Lorquin's Admiral, both of which appear strikingly similar and have overlapping ranges.