March GBBD Country Mouse

Cheating a little this month - but the local woodlands are my collecting place for garden-worthy natives, and in that spirit I bring you - the beginning of the wildflower season on the Central Coast of California!

As seen in local walks and on our property. Most of these were taken yesterday, and all within the past couple weeks.

Ahhh this I might enter into the GGW photo competition, whose theme is "awakening." It's fat solomon's seal, Smilacena racemosa.

Close up of another one opening into bloom.

Here is coltsfoot, Petasites frigidus.

And an old friend to those who visit the redwoods - redwood sorrel, Oxalis oregana.

An early lupine! I don't know what sort... Will work on it...

A very cool checker lily, Fritillaria affinis:

Below is the whole plant:

Awww - woodland strawberry, Fragraria vesca:

And one of my favorites, hound's tongue, Cynoglossum grande - I so want to propagate these!!

I'm always excited to see a new wildflower on my property - this is Zigadenus fremontii, star lily or death camas, choose a name depending on your mood - it's poisonous - but pretty! Showed up for the first time, right below the ridge in a sunny spot. He's kind of floppy...

But the flower is pretty if not the individual plant. I think they usually grow upright, but I think this one is in poor soil maybe?

Here is one of my favorites - Giant wakerobin, Trillium choropetalum

Hope you enjoyed this change of pace. Now if you want to see some real garden blooms - check out Town Mouse's GBBD!

I'm off to thank Carol at May Dreams Gardens for inviting us to share this month's blooms.


I love native wild flowers too, and I think it is perfectly fine to feature what is going on in your woods and environs for GBBD. I really love that trillium.
Liz said…
Lots of wonderful native plants there, some very delicate and soft flowers too :)
Gail said…
beautiful~I relish every opportunity to learn about see native plants all over the blogashere... I do hope you get to propagate the hound's tongue! gail
Anonymous said…
What an interest Fritt! Like Gail, I love seeing and learning more about your natives. And seeing them in their habitat is a treat. Thanks for sharing them, it does my heart good to see such beauty. :-)
Your Trillium chloropetalum is beautiful, I haven't seen any of that species here. I love the Fritillaria too. I haven't seen those here either. Thanks for sharing them!
Wow, what an awesome trillium--not a species we have here. We do have solomon's seal and fritillaria, too, though not those varieties. I do love oxalis and remember it fondly from Muir Woods.
Anonymous said…
What beautiful plants! I wish I could find Cynoglossum grande for sale somewhere.
Noelle said…
I love wildflowers and many these are new to me. But, Lupine is growing by our roadsides and is jut beautiful :^)
chuck b. said…
I have that Zigadenus too & totally dig it. I had to buy mine though, it didn't come here on its own. No flower this year, unfortunately. Just leaves. I was thinking "Soil too rich?" We just can't do right by the soil it seems.
Christine said…
Oh, that Frittilaria is just so lovely! Thanks for taking us along on your hike in the hills!
Country Mouse said…
Thank you all, kind commenters. Today I have been otherwise engaged, but I will surely drop by tomorrow and check out your blooming blogs!
Ooh, it's a very woodsy feel to your bloom day. I love your selection. I like the death camus. I have some pretty toxic plants around myself, somewhat sickly hoping that the pocket gophers will take a liking to them...
ryan said…
Wonderful collection of woodland flowers. Trilliums and fritillaria are as cool as it gets.
wiseacre said…
You say Fat I say False.

I keep missing the flowers - but one day I'll be out in the right woods at the right time. I do have berry pics stashed.
Country Mouse said…
Wiseacre I see both names in Jepson and have been introduced to them as fat and slim solomons' seal - why are they false? They are so true! I like fat better because it reminds me of their lovely plump leaves.
patientgardener said…
Thanks for sharing your local wild flowers - they were lovely to see.
Vetsy said…
Hello...Thank you for stopping by my blog.

I've heard of but never seen colts foot or Solomon's seal, They are gorgeous!

I like wild flowers also wonderful photos.
I love learning about native plants - today I was reading a book on UK native ones and I'm convinced that I need to grow more of these in my problem areas of the garden. Your blooms are lovely but I especially love your macro of the little hound flower isn't that just so pretty.

I'm still thinking about my entry for awakening this month.