Congratulations, Country Mouse!

OK, so neither of us was a winner in the Gardening Gone Wild photo contest. But Country Mouse was honorably mentioned for her photo of a redbud leaf awakening. And with over 70 photos submitted, that's a great honor indeed!

Considering that Country Mouse was a second runner up last April, looks like we're on a winning streak here for spring photos! (The photo below was Salvia Bees bliss in the morning light)

 Congratulations Country Mouse!


Christine said…
Congrats, indeed! It really is a gorgeous shot.
Did you Mice happen to see the note I left you at the CNPS table?
RainGardener said…
It is a great shot - I have just experienced once again how hard it is for me to get good pictures if they have the slightest bit of red in them. This one was beautiful.
Country Mouse said…
Wow - Thanks for the hurrah, Town mouse! I do feel chuffed indeed! Christine we did see your note and I thought I left a note on your blog in thanks - it was delightful to receive, though not as delightful as meeting your good self would have been of course!
Thanks, Raingardener - interesting that you have trouble with one specific color in your photos. I wonder why?
NellJean said…
I saw that! When the announcement was made, I thought it special that C. Mouse's entry received first mention.
Sheila said…
Congratulations! Pretty picture!
Congratulations Country Mouse, it really is a beautiful photograph!
Randy Emmitt said…
Country Mouse,

Excellent photo, glad you pullrd in the honors this time.