Happy Birthday TmouseCmouse

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Last summer, after having dabbled in gardening with natives for a few years, I read Douglas Tallamy's book Bringing Nature Home. The book had a profound effect on me. It has scientific evidence for the damage invasive plants can do to not just other plants but pollinators, birds, and eventually the whole ecosystem. And it explained clearly the good that native plants can do by supporting the pollinators, birds, and all that surrounds us, even in small suburban lots.

I wanted to do more than just fiddle with my own garden. So, in October last year, I asked my good friend Country Mouse whether she might enjoy doing a joint garden blog. I still remember, we were having a companionable luncheon at the cafeteria at work, and it was a sunny fall day. After contemplating the matter, Country Mouse indicated it was a definite Maybe, but immediately came up with a brillant name: Town Mouse and Country Mouse.

I did my first post on November 9, and just proceeded to muddle on. We both hoped that our posts would be entertaining, educational, and inspiring. Well, actually, I just hoped Country Mouse would finally be done with her deadline and join in, and that someone would find our blog.

Then I found Blotanical, and realized there was a whole wide world of garden bloggers out there. Amazing photos! Interesting stories! And many like-minded bloggers who cared deeply about sustainable gardening, native plants, or both.

We were so excited about our first comments, and even more excited when we found our blog on other blogs' side bar. And really, getting some feedback has made it so enjoyable to write the posts. Thanks to all who participate, or follow our blog or -- believe it or not -- recognize us as the "famous" mice we are. As happened to Country Mouse last weekend.

For me, the exciting part has been how the blog, and our understanding of native gardening, has grown over the year. I've also received an amazing camera and I'm slowly learning how to make photos that capture what I see. Which is surprisingly difficult, but fun to experiment with.

Going forward, I might try to revive the Book Review and the Native Plant of the Month feature.
I hope to get better at identifying birds and insects. But mostly, I hope to continue to enjoy sharing, and learning from others.

I hope to continue to feel a connection, from my blog to other bloggers, just as my birds aren't my birds but belong to all of us.

And while I was worried at the beginning that I'd run out of things to blog about, the problem has actually been that I don't have time enough to post and read and garden. But then I remember that it's fine to enjoy the quiet and some rest. Especially during this darker time of the year.


Rosey Pollen said…
I need to read this book. It sounds very interesting. Thanks for mentioning it.
I like all your banners, very well done!
Pam/Digging said…
Congrats on your blogiversary, famous Mice! Isn't blogging such fun?
Dear Town Mouse and Country Mouse! Happy first anniversary to your wonderful blog which is one of my favorites! Your posts ARE entertaining, educational and inspiring. Keep them coming!
Christine said…
Wow, one year! Congrats! Please keep it coming- I'm looking forward to the book reviews.
Yes, congratulatoons on your anniversary! I remember my first anniversary, but that was a long time ago. I have been really enjoying your posts when I have time to get over here. I really enjoy the contrast between Town and Country.

I love the spider banner!

I have slowly been transforming my place to native plants of the Ozarks, but I still can't quite give up the hostas and heucheras. At least they aren't invasive. I have yet to deal with the Japanese honeysuckle that has colonized our back line. Timing is everything on that one, since the brown thrasher thinks it is the perfect place to raise a family, removal operations have to be timed so as not to interfere with them. Hopefully next year there won't be any there to attract them.
Hey! Happy b-day! You're a terrific asset to the blog world. We're all lucky you're part of it!
Happy birthday lady mice! It's been fun being in the same class year on Blotanical and getting to know you online. Hope in 2010 I see you in person. You introduced me to the importance of native plants--please bring back Plant of the Month and your book reviews. Keep on with the good work!
Country Mouse said…
Thanks for the wonderful retrospective Ms Town - Has it really been a whole year? And thanks for all the lovely banners. I promise to do some banners in the new year to come. It's been great fun blogging together so far - Here's to scampering boldly into the future, learning and sharing and enjoying our fellow bloggers postings.
Gail said…
It's been a joy meeting you both...reading about your gardens, learning about native plants in your part of the garden! Congrats on one year! gail
Chari + Matt said…
I didn't realize I got in almost at the ground floor! Well, you two have done a great job. You have a blogging skill of posting reasonably often and with interesting observations. Your contrast in gardens with similar philosphies but oh-so-different issues also keeps attention. I also appreciate your blog list on the side, since I basically use your site as a gateway to theirs!
Kudos again on your writing. It is a great joy as I turn my own (new to me!) garden into natives.
Susan Morrison said…
Happy blogiversary! You mice should definitely celebrate this milestone - perhaps with a slice of cheesecake?

I refer people to your site all the time. Along with James at Lost in the Landscape and Troy at GardenNatives, I think your blog is the best for providing thoughtful native gardening content based on both experience and education.

Congrats on a wonderful first year!
Susan Tomlinson said…
Happy birthday, TMCM! I am so glad you had that fateful lunch in the cafeteria that day. It must have been the meatloaf that led to the inspiration. ;-)
Town Mouse said…
Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments! And on to another year...