Happy Day

Country Mouse and I were just thrilled to find this morning that we were second place for Best California Blog and Best Native Blog on Blotanical. We are so grateful for everyone who voted to us. Working on this blog, getting feedback, learning from others, has been wonderful. A special thanks goes to Stuart, who single-handedly keeps Blotanical running.

Winner for Best Native Blog is Gail from Clay and Limestone, one of my favorites as well. And Best California Blog is Bay Area Tendrils, which I love for its variety and good information. We're happy to be second if such amazing blogs are first ;->

When I came home to tell Mr. Mouse the good news, he said "Did you see there's a package for you?" (and I think he worried that something expensive had been purchased). But it was my bulb order from Van Engelen, placed several weeks ago. After very good success this spring with some Triteleia (as in the photo above), I had gone through the Van Engelen offering and chosen a few California Native bulbs. And a few more. And then I saw there was a minimum order amount, so I had to add a few more. Here's what I got (I'm including photos from the Van Engelen website).

10 Brodiaea Californica. I bought the same plant as Triteleia last year, but no matter, I was very happy with how long it bloomed.

100 Brodiaea Queen Fabiola. I think this will be a smaller version of Californica, and I'm ready to just be suprised.

20 Brodiaea Coccinea. I bought that plant as Dichelostemma Ida-maia (Firecracker plant) last year. I loved the combination of the bright red with lime green of the flowers, and found this plant looked good even when dried out.

25 Calochortus Golden Orb. I have not tried Calohortus in my garden yet, and I'm a bit worried about the clay being a problem, but I'm going to plant these bulbs along the dry stream bed, so I hope they'll make it.

25 Calohortus Mixture. Who could resist?

I think I'll put the bulbs in the garage until the rain has softened the ground. Right now, you'd need a jackhammer to get anything into the ground, but soon, we hope, things will change. I'll cover the bulb holes with a bit of chicken wire to discourage the squirrels (worked last year) and then I'll wait and dream of spring.


Pam/Digging said…
Who could resist indeed? Those are beautiful plants, and how exciting that the promise of them now sits in your home.

And congrats again on the Bloggie nominations--richly deserved!
WiseAcre said…
Hope you get that rain soon. I don't have rock hard ground so never invented a bulb drill. But now you have me thinking.

grats on a place well deserved.
Queer by Choice said…
Calochortus superbus worked fine for me in clay, so I think yours will be okay too. Congratulations on the Blotanical nominations!
Christine said…
Happy day, indeed! Congratulations! Your post has excellent timing as I'm honing down my bulb order with the same company today!
You're simply the best! And I'm feeling pleased as punch to be listed alongside you and CM....
Thanks! Alice
lostlandscape said…
Congratulations on your awards--Well deserved. Your posts are always a must-read. The timing of the bulbs came at a great time, almost as if they were the prize!
Brad B said…
I voted for you blog in both categories. Wish you could have been first. Beautiful bulbs. I'm gonna plant some native bulbs for the first time this year.