This time of year, I hesitate before I invite someone for a meal in the garden. Yes, I'm saving water, and yes, the plants are looking good. But I don't tidy up as much as I might, don't deadhead and pull.

Other visitors don't seem to mind. We've had an abundance of gold finches and house finches coming for visits.

The gold finches are a bit smaller than the house finches and like to sit on the lavender branches for a meal.

The house finches will go for anything seedy. Here's one cleaning up after the Clarkias.

And sometimes four, five, six of them arrive to look for lavender and poppy seeds.

They quite like the hardscaping and favor especially the cracks in the concrete. Why thank you, Mr. and Ms. Finch, fewer weeds to pull for me. And that will make the garden look tidier.


LostRoses said…
Town Mouse, I've been enjoying watching the house finches, goldfinches, and lesser goldfinches too. Even though the thistle feeders are full, the house finches just can't stop trying to land on every slender seedhead to glean the goodies. It can be rather comical to watch as they flail around trying to keep their balance and eat too. Great entertainment!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
We have had a great time watching the birds too....does that mean we are getting old? We especially love the hummers. We have had insect visitors Praying Mantids.....I am so excited!Hopefully the birds don't get them.
Gail said…
I don't clean up seed heads...but I do try to tidy the paths of leaves! I love seeing the small birds perch on a flower stem...they are entertaining. gail
NellJean said…
If we don't garden for birds and butterflies, for whom are we gardening?

Interesting that you have
California poppies blooming. Here, they are just little blue plants waiting for cool, the hardy few determined to outlast the hot and humid.