Housefinch nest and eggs

The house finches have been gone for at least a week. My dad and I finally took down the nest-in-a-webster from the rafters of the garage for a look - and there were five eggs in it, quite cold. One egg you can't see in the photo was in a separate little pocket, must have slipped through or been left over from the first batch.

Too bad! But it is fun to see them. Now I'm not sure what to do! I know in theory you can get the stuff out of the egg and all, but I'm not sure I want to be bothered. Maybe I'll put them out for the animals to eat.


Town Mouse said…
Ah well. I'd just put the eggs out somewhere, not too close to the house. You can only get the stuff out if it's liquid, and I expect it isn't. (Use a needle to punch a hole on both sides, then blow. We did this as kids to create easter decorations).

At least you won't have the mess to deal with, a friend tells me house finches are really bad.

Might keep the nest, as decoration...
I have house finches living in a bird nest gourd on my back porch, and have never found them to be messy in any way. I suspect the messy bird the neighbors were experiencing may have been a barn swallow or a sparrow.
Genevieve said…
What a cute little nest!! Too bad the baby birds didn't hatch. I think healingmagic has it right, house finches don't seem as messy as swallows.

Those swallows, man. I used to get dive-bombed at my own front door, and the poop! Better not discussed. It was removed with a shovel, though, not a broom - that's the quantity.