Mighty Fine Sign

This weekend, a good friend came over for brunch and we took a stroll through the garden. Well, I dragged her around like a proud parent showing off, but never mind. She remarked on the attractive sign I have in my front garden, and I wanted to point her to a blog post about the sign, but then realized I hadn't written it yet. So, short and sweet, I ordered the sign from Dymond Graphics in Oregon.

Lis Dymond didn't have the sign I wanted, but was very happy to make one that says "California Native Garden", and when I asked for a lizard, she offered me a few choices. I was very happy with how it came out and found a great place next to the monkey flowers. Sometimes things just work out.


That is a great sign, it's perfect for you garden!
Emily said…
That is a great sign!
Susie said…
Love the look of your blog. Thanks for the link to the funky sign!
What a creative way to educate all the neighborhood walkers, who are doubtless enjoying your beautiful garden!

Is your reptilian friend a blue-bellied skink? Non-opposable digit up to the sign maker!
Barbara E said…
Adorable sign. Thanks for the link. I put up the National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat sign next to my parkway garden and people really do understand our wild gardens better when there is a sign.
Meryl said…
That Star of Persia is gorgeous, as is everything else!
Katie said…
Cool sign! I just went through their gallery and had some good belly laughs. Thanks for the great link!