Last year, we had very little rain in the fall, and even January was very disappointing. But then the bay area was blessed with several decent rainstorms in February and early March. So all the plants decided there was no time like the present to try for some babies.

Flowering plants started to get ready to present themselves in their best outfits and attract all the butterflies, moths, bees, and other insects that were soon to appear.

Most trees take the hit-or-miss approach. They produce pollen and hope some of it lands at a favorable spot. Even that can be beautiful. Here's one of the paths I sometimes ride, with a large oak in the distance. The oak has been trimmed to allow people to walk or ride through, and it doesn't seem to mind at all.

From a distance, the tree looks as if it's dusted with gold. Decked out for a special occasion.

Then I get closer, and see there are small golden ornaments.

Like strings of Perl, or maybe crochet lace.

Golden for sure, though, and gone so quickly. So I admire the beauty, stand amazed for a while -- it's rarely quite as spectacular.

Getting home (or to work), I take a thorough shower and wash your hair to cleanse away at least some of the pollen. Then I go on, and almost don't mind that I looking like a raccoon on dope for those few heady months of spring.


Bless you! Glad your spring is coming around! Love that oak :)
Emily said…
Bless you!

I literally had my allergies tested yesterday and I'm allergic to that very tree...actually I think I'm allergic to California...

we'll be doped up Raccoons together for spring!
Love the pollen of oaks! :) Happy Easter.
Gail said…
A delight for all excepting that allergy problem! Have a great day~~gail
What a beautiful tree - although I can feel my eyes watering at the thought of the pollen!