Wild things...

I've been a bit busy lately - yesterday us meeses went to the San Francisco Flower Show all day, and did our stint in the CNPS booth, and helped with teardown. Long and fun day! So here are just a few critter shots to be going on with...

S0 - for the boy who likes lizards - above is our little Coast Range Fence Lizard (at least I think that's the specific species) Sceloporus occidentalis bocourtii. Picture from Saturday. They skitter about all over the place around here.

And on the same day, I fished out a dead mouse and a tarantula from the pool. Probably a Calisoga longitarsus - close relative of the tarantula. Pictures of the dead mouse omitted - us meeses are a bit finicky that way, you know... But here's the spider, very much alive - about 2 inches long I'd say:

There was also a beetle in the pool and I rescued him. I don't know what he is. He's just a small beetle but macro lenses are fun:


Town Mouse said…
Glad to see your hand isn't next to that spider. I know tarantulas are supposed to be gentle creatures, but after almost drowning, they might be -- confused, maybe.
And yes, a fine time was had by all at the show, and the CNPS booth was very impressive.
That lizard knows how to strike a pose! Perhaps he is used to the attentions of the paparazzi?

Nice rescue work on the insects.
Anonymous said…
Nice pictures!
I'm not very good a photographing animals. This week I found a ladybird, and because those aren't to buzy, I could make a few pics, but normally those critters are way to fast for me.
Like the spider! What is CNPS? Also, I'm a fellow (ex) technical writer trying to make gardening my career. I first worked as a technical writer way back in (gulp) 1986 and it has a way of following you around, that's for sure!