The TMouse CMouse Excellent Adventure: SF Flower and Garden Show

Sunday March 22, 9:00 p.m.
Mr. Mouse: Ah, there you are. I thought I'd never see you again. Didn't you leave here around 9:30 a.m?
Town Mouse: Well, yes, Country Mouse picked me up at 9:30 so we could get to the show before the crowds. And it was great to be there a little after 10:00 and wander through the gardens. Country Mouse made some great pictures, too.
Mr. Mouse: Too bad you didn't take your camera. -- So, what did you see?
Town Mouse: The first garden I liked was by Ripple Effect water gardens and included a Japanese-style garden house, a stream, and a water-lily pond with koi and large stepping stones. I also liked the Sustainable Garden, which included a windmill though unfortunately no natives. My favorite was 11:44 am Friday. Here, let me read you that description:
"While the vernal equinox occurs this year at "11:44AM, Friday," hope springs eternal in this garden salute to those who must come home bearing the heavy burden of physical challenges--from soldiers recuperating from the ravages of war to seniors with mobility difficulties. Created to honor our disabled veterans, this eco-friendly, affordable and accessible garden is a therapeutic space of growth, hope and beauty for anyone in need of an enabling and high sensory garden experience."
The garden had a ramp with railings made from branches, the surfaces were not slippery, I could just imagine taking my friend with the walker there who really enjoyed Filoli but couldn't get to half of it. And the Paradise Lost, Paradise Found garden had spiky, dark plants and a muddy bubbly fountain on one side and everything light and white on the other, very fun. And...
Mr. Mouse: Sounds--mmmh--interesting. But how did you spend 12 hours there?
Town Mouse: As you know we had volunteered for the California Native Plant Society (CNPS) and our shift was 12-2. Just as it was getting crowded we went there. They had a great booth with blooming Ribes, some attractive grasses and ferns, and vases with wildflowers. We handed out lots of fliers and answered lots of questions. It's always so encouraging how many people are considering natives! We stayed a little longer because the organizer was taking a break, but we had such a great time!
Mr. Mouse: So, I see you had to stay until 2 p.m. But it is 9 p.m. now...
Town Mouse: Maybe I didn't mention it, but the person who was going to help with booth take-down broke a wrist, so Country Mouse and I volunteered. It seemed the right thing to do.
Mr. Mouse: Aha! It's starting to make sense. Do go on.
Town Mouse: Of couse we were really hungry after our shift, so Country Mouse bought some (very overpriced) coffee and a muffin that she shared with me, and I'd brought some trail mix and two apples that I shared, and Country Mouse had brought some digestives.
Mr. Mouse: Be prepared, I say!
Town Mouse: And then we looked at the booths that were selling. Some interesting stuff, though I'm not sure what clothes and jewelry have to do with gardening. Maybe because in this country you get arrested if someone sees you naked? Whatever, it was fun, and we were only halfway when it was time for the succulent class.
Mr. Mouse: Class?
Town Mouse: Yes, they had a whole list of classes, and we picked the one about succulents though aesthetic pruning also sounded interesting. Anyway, the teacher was from Arizona and had lots of photos and great advice. After the class, we had to hit the plant boths, of cours.
Mr. Mouse: Of course.
Town Mouse: Several of the vender had some natives. I bought a white-blooming Asarum caudatum (wild ginger), a purple-leaved Epipactis gigantea (giant stream orchid), a few succulents, and a Heuchera (Coral bells). Well, make that two for most of them.
Mr. Mouse: I see. We're obviously short on plants around here.
Town Mouse: Before we knew it it was 5:45 and we returned to the booth. We spent about 45 minutes with take-down, and then schlepped some of the stuff to one truck, and the rest of the stuff to another truck. It was a bit of a puzzle to fit it in, but it worked beautifully. And we were only a little cold even though it was around 45 and windy because we lifted all those heavy things. Then we gave each other a hug and Country Mouse brought me back home.
Mr. Mouse: Well well. Too bad I couldn't be there and help, I guess. Congratulations on a job well done!
Town Mouse: Thank you thank you. And the best thing is that this isn't the last year for the show after all! Isn't that exciting? Maybe you can come next year.
Mr. Mouse: Ahem. Maybe. But that's a year away. You better rest now, I'll make you a nice cup of tea.


You can find descriptions of the gardens and links to the creators' web sites here.


Country Mouse said…
Wow! You saw a lot more than I did. Mostly I remember vertical garden walls and lots of shiny colorful glass garden ornaments. Also I had a big fantasy of having that gorgeous red windmill on our property driving the pump for the pool filter... on windy days.
Wow! Sounds like a great day. And even though the dialog was invented, I'm sure it captures Mr. M's generous and supportive spirit! :) The plants you bought sound wonderful, especially the stream orchid. I look forward to hearing/seeing more about them.
Big Day in the Big Garden for the mice! I like the sound of that accessible garden, and hope that there will be photos later?
Gail said…
Garden Shows are alway stimulating! I loved your imagined dialog...and description of the displays...gail
lostlandscape said…
What a great day! I'll have to share my Epipactus gigantea story some time. It's my favorite of the native orchids that us mere mortals stand a chance of being able to grow in locations other than perfect spots in montane meadows (like the ladyslippers seem to require).
Bill Kisich said…
Sounds like a great day! Thanks for the show coverage and pictures.

Funny how time flys when your in the garden.... Or a Garden show. Hats off to ya for working the Native booth.

Your conversation might be fiction, but it sounds very familiar. Like you, I'm the one trying to explain where the hours went.