Misty Morning

Can't resist sharing a shot of a view from our house snapped a few minutes ago, around 7:40 am. I have so many photos of this view all in folders called "misty morning." I just love it.

I also notice the redbud is starting to bloom. I have two tiny western redbuds (Cercis occidentalis) about 3 years old and two feet high. The deer rather like them so I think this year I'll cage them. The redbuds that is.
In other news, I had a visit from Jeffrey Caldwell and Cameron Colson yesterday. Got good advice from Jeffrey on chaparral clearing we need to do for fire safety, and Cameron did some H_M_O treatments (weed obliteration) around the place - I'll post some pictures soon.


Gail said…
Your view is the best I've seen lately! Wow! Misty Morning is perfect! Lucky you! Gail
flowrgirl1 said…
Thats your view? You must love to wake up in the morning!
Nice view. THAT I could wake up for in the morning. Our redbuds are still quietly sleeping.
joey said…
'Misty Morning' is indeed an award-winning amazing photo!
Town Mouse said…
Oh, that is sooo beautiful! Thanks! (My redbud is still sleeping, too.)
Country Mouse said…
Thanks for the compliments all! - I deeply do appreciate where I am lucky enough to live.

On the other hand, living on a ridge above chaparral has its drawbacks. I'll be blogging about chaparral clearing in the weeks to come. As I said to Jeffrey Caldwell yesterday - I have oxymoronic goals - habitat restoration, AND fire safety. Sigh!
C. Mouse.
Oh no! I thought redbuds were pretty bullet proof when it came to deer resistance! If I stick my fingers in my ear and chant lalalalala can I pretend I never read this?
(Stunning photo)
Pam/Digging said…
What a view! It's gorgeous; thanks for sharing.
lostlandscape said…
Ooh that misty picture is so gorgeous! There are great reasons to get up early in the morning and you've found one of the best.